The Realm of a University of Mind


8.1 – New World City, the Role Model for Future Cities.

The University of Mind’s New World City would set the pace for other virtual sites scattered all over an increasingly networked Earth. Because we are near Mexico with some parts of the real system located in ancient Mayan lands, there would be a distinct advantage for its future longevity, in view of the vast prospects in ecological and archaeological disciplines.

Expansion into South American economics and education would also be a natural for the marketing of the New World City’s Cyber learning offerings.

9.1 – New World City, A Reflection of Yesterday’s Genius.

Because The Americas represent the sites of strong archaeological universities, there is a tremendous opportunity to develop programs that would amplify the self-esteems of all persons who have ancestors that were part of bringing us to our present state. Multiculturalism or the melding of cultures into a phase II civilization would experience the point of departure necessary for belief in the self. To dedicate and expand such dedication to include the understanding of ancient ancestors is critical to the mission of the New World City which is to point us toward the future of Humanity into the Cosmos.


10.1- Elements of a Virtual New World City —
The Site, The Plan, The System.

The virtual plan of the main complex of New World City must contain a real atmosphere with a campus that surpasses all known institutions or universities. It must go beyond Disney’s campuses and allow participants to virtually fly through its cyber-realms. It should accommodate large areas of underground facilities for classrooms, offices, and research centers. All underground areas should have research quads where windows look out on various eco-environs for the primary tech courses. Some quads will be sealed and others open. Natural History, environmental, ecological, and archaeological recreations will occupy most of these zones or quads. A system of transfer and transportation will lend a real life feel to all interactive simulations. These transfer systems will virtually carry persons from related areas to other gestalt related areas. This will require a unique Hypertrans system to be addressed later. Within the systems of travel will elevate the richness of the technopolis as well as the modality of communications interface and interaction/s. The key is that we move beyond old bromides of thought whereby we are able to become the Humans of Tomorrow via advanced knowledge and wisdom that expand into a living system. That system will be The University of Mind.

The Coming Revolution via Cyber Minds…

6.1 – Jobs of Tomorrow Created in the Cyber Minds of Today 

Middle management positions are being alleviated and cutbacks are appearing everywhere at the nation’s biggest employers. McDonald’s is automating as well as Taco Bell. AI-Computer-aided manufacturing and designing are being amplified by expert systems that are manifesting themselves. Soon our children will be offered schooling that no longer requires the social experience of actually going to school. They will learn at virtually real workstations at home or on the fly, plus have a secondary social experience in the cyber-domain. Of course, one wonders what they will be learning to do since the jobs we once had are no longer going to be there.

New jobs are what we must be creating…now! Unless we amplify our creative minds, there will be nothing for humanity to do but war. Somewhere, someone is creating new jobs with all this new computer power. Though, at present, new vocations and careers are not being addressed by our antique, socialistic public education. One wonders if the world elite have written the average human being out of the loop. As we continue to substitute automata for “humanata” we write the need for the Human Intellectual Utility off the list. Where will we put the 7.5 billion persons living on Earth by 2025?

Demographic and psychographic data also would play a part in deciphering the directions for educational and economic planning. A quality of experience matrix (QEM) would graphically show us just what the variables would be with each suggested action discussed in holistic dialogue. This graphic matrix of human creative action would help each individual to plot his/her future based on projected information utilizing the trends and conditions input to the forum of collective humanity. The data could be distributed by New World City via all interactive media on a constant basis. Business and Educational concerns would know what the quality of our lives are at any one moment thereby allowing them to react to correct any detrimental trends.

Areas of deficiency could be identified and instantly direct systems to rectify aberrations. Gap analysis, content analysis, differential analysis and holo-gestalt analysis could be utilized in order to implement strategies for new job-oriented development. Creating jobs and ideas are what we need to keep our economies and schools current. The facts point to a process that only the Virtual New World City could distribute for living and learning on the fly. The University of Mind is indeed in need of moving to the front of our endeavors.

7.1 – Building the Ultimate Benchmark for Tomorrow’s Education.

Knowledge and wisdom are power, according to the ancients. Any social unit within a vast civilization that creates a vortex of information distribution and processing is the seat of educational and economic activity. Everything flows toward a vortex. The advantages to being where the creative ideas fly are astronomical. The great library of Alexandria was such a repository of vast learning and economic progress. A Virtual New World City has an opportunity to assume the prestige of being the site of the first proactive device for the catalization and subsequent building of Earth’s first Phase II civilization (advanced). To let any other city (than Virtual NWC) in the world accomplish this undertaking would be an act of complacency. We need to deepen our minds by becoming gestalt and wholistic in our potential.

Building A Stronger World, Including Mexico.

5.1- Bringing the MDM to the New World City.

Note: In order for the students of tomorrow to create the new jobs necessary for our continuation as a viable global society, our students will need the benefit of “what-if” training. This points up the needs for Catalyst Teachers and Surge Programs. This also means that students will need to develop portfolios of their mental concepts that are not yet a true part of our present civilization. We need to amplify the mindsets and talents of these future practitioners of knowledge by focusing on their points of departure. Their minds are a future treasure trove to humanity. Individualized planning will help them to dream about what is possible even necessary for our future’s working populace. We should lead with “their” strengths. Real trends and conditions will need to be factored into the planning so that relevance will follow in individualized evaluations. Such ideas could become realities with the input of funding from a dynamic virtual region of the world…NAFTA ‘s North America. solidified by NWC. Mexico is highly important as a great testbed to our future mental expansion.

Currently, rebellion is rising in Mexico’s state of Chiapas and other parts of the country. The whole of Mexico has vast potential especially the homeland of today’s decedents of the ancient Maya. Deaths and crimes could have been negated if work on a real NWC project called Multi-development Maya-sphere (MDM), a prospective project for NAFTA’s offering to the New World City project, had already been in progress. The MDM is a socioeconomic structure for development of the tremendous resources located in the old Mayan lands. Such a plan for tomorrow’s Mexico and related Mayan states, requires a gestalt or macroscopic level of thinking that could result in monumental accomplishments for the valuable people speaking out through frustration and insurrection. Now that the North American Free Trade Agreement could be a greater reality if education and mental creativity was pushed. Many new things are possible for Mexico if decisive action were taken in utilization of a University of Mind approach. Perhaps the MDM could be the key to stopping the plight of what is currently happening there now.

Primary Technology (PT) research could lead the way. PT is a potentially new professional field, dedicated to relearning what ancient man knew almost intuitively about the idiosyncrasies of nature. PT is the investigation of what has been provided via nature for the sustenance of ecological systems and mankind — to live and work in harmony within such a system. To be a Primary Technologist is to live the life of a native-being, while exploring nature’s teachings via scientific research. Nature becomes the textbook and the philosophy — it’s where the genetic laboratory is the field. Modern technological innovations applied to ancient artifacts act as an amplifier to quicken the grasping of this forgotten knowledge, and reclaims it for mankind’s tomorrow.

The Maya-sphere would be more than a collection of nations, foundations or corporations, it would be a unique economic phenomena in the world with unlimited potential to impact an area in need of a financial injection. The indigenous people of the lands, especially the Chiapas area, would find a source of employment at the various facilities that would begin to be built almost as a massive Theme Park beyond old concepts whereas all of Mexico would become the biggest site of a real University of Mind. Peace could return to the countryside where a joint reason for prosperity would pull minds toward resourceful pursuits. This part of the world could become an attraction where the future is being created via something other than pure high technology — instead, primary technology and human benefit would be the emphasis.

We Must Fly or be left behind!

4.1 – Learning on the FLY in 2020.

Survival in tomorrow’s world will not only depend on being super fast but super smart, and that is why learning must begin and end at the edge of our dreamer’s reality. Most of our teachers are teaching yesterday’s curriculum and most of our student-body is/are learning outdated material if they are learning at all, because most are socially playing rather than seriously thinking. The proof is in our present national being. We are falling behind. What America is today reflects in what we eat…and what we eat is built upon what we earn…and what we earn is built upon what we know…and what we know is equal to what we are taught. Therefore, what we are taught is obsolete because speed factors have been inserted into our reality creating hyper-reality or chaos, which is impregnating our very future. Curriculum cannot match the speed of an Xbox. Business is way ahead of those persons who hide in the halls of today’s educational administrations. Our rigid system of education is in the learner’s way too. We must jump to a higher understanding of change by learning the gestalt methods of childhood or by learning on the FLY.

4.2 – New Systems that Teach Learning on the FLY.

Any simulation system or virtual reality system allows the learning of gestalt concepts (street smarts) at fantastic rates. Some refer to this as learning on the fly. Increasingly, many computer driven multimedia and motion picture genre are adopting the “point-of-view” or the camera’s position as one that flies. This allows the observer to feel that he/she is involved with the production leveraging the process. By creating this effect, one is reinforced in his/her thinking that it is a real life experience; therefore, learned at a higher level of experienced being to become. This learning via interaction at high speed brings the bromide of, “Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand.” Google, Apple, Microsoft and many others know/s how this learning can be profitable because 75 percent of all American kids, ages 8-12 have had the pleasure of playing and learning on the FLY. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is not a problem when video games or computer games are involved in edutainment processes. Mind Riders know more due to increased consciousness in Time/Space.

The Quantum Leap Past Old Educational Ideas…

3.1 – Simulation AI/VR Education Creates New Waves in Learning.

An educational and training renaissance is about to explode upon the business world and creative multidimensional media will be in even higher demand than it already is in the future world. Educational realms needs to be prepared. According to New Media magazine, in its old February ’94 issue, careers in multimedia soon will be one of the most important areas of corporate and educational development. Those days have long come and gone, but media has since exploded upon our world via massive amplification, but education still looks like grandma’s world. Those in the know, are already beyond scrambling for investment and expansion financing by circumventing all means to an end and have gone to massive versions of Home Schooling. Multimedia concerns are searching for artists, graphic artists and other creatives who have the visualizing abilities to see and build the new products for tomorrow’s demands filled with Virtual Reality and Simulation Reality.

The point of all the above is that we must educate the inclinations of the total person. In order to accomplish this, we must interface with their individual differences through a flexible method…communications technology and a creative (field sensitive) philosophy. Collectively, this amplified communication/s will then allow us to: (1) teach symbolically or visually to those who have language problems (right brain dominants); (2) teach through simulation of process via Mirror-jective realms; (3) teach via special effects and presentation graphics (science and math symbols representation); (4) teach through interactive/integrated menu driven thresholds (AI hypertext and hyperworld concepts); (5) teach through expressive or soft-entry methodology; (6) teach through heightened visual excitement and entertaining programing (edutainment); (7) teach via transpersonal psychology ; (8) teach via individually developed student presentations with AI multimedia tools; (9) teach via access to current data vendors and networks; (10) teach via access to educational bulletin Push boards; (11) teach through outside research provisions allowing students to go to the world to seek answers; (12) teach through increased business interfaces and agreements; (13) teach through home/community AI/VR store augmentation to homestudy; (14) teach via real-life or life-like experiences VR modality; (15) teach via advanced showmanship, marketing, and increased dialogue establishment; (16) teach through simulation of values, social mores, and respect (programmed examples); (17) teach through symbols testing or field sensitive testing with gestalt thresholds; (18) teach via new research into Archaeological breakthroughs. If we can begin to reach out with this new powerful Quantum Computer AI/VR technology, then we will address the totality that tunnel-vision, Liberal (Field Independent ?), has so far caused us to miss.

Building A Mind from their Strengths…

2.2 – New Paradigms — New Ideas At NWC

David Bohm’s research indicated that education built upon reward and punishment techniques (behavior modification and positive reinforcement) if it was used exclusively, introduced rigidity and a tendency toward false play in an individual or a society. He stated, “the continuation of this approach eventually leads the person to seek pleasing words of praise from others, even if they are not true, and to collude with others in exchanging flattering or comforting remarks that lead to mutualism (mutual admiration society). This is exactly what our world is today. This, however, is achieved at the expense of self-deception because truths are ignored for the sake of good feelings. When the self realizes this great lie, its esteem and motivation gradually, sometimes abruptly… declines.

Creativity in truth are the natural states of being, it is what brought mankind and America to its greatness. Though we cannot test it, or package it, creativity must be part of a happy balance of discipline and innovation. Lest we forget, earth and life are in a dynamic state and cannot continue in a concrete rigid structure of illusion without dying.

Cognitive creativity could be the key to the future of an educational system that is amplified by a Communication Curriculum of abject realism. Such a system would offer the networking and medium for visual stimulus and extension (right brain processing) to augment a linguistic method already in our learning systems. It would also address the other half of our students who could be taught creatively through visual/experiential expansion, to work from a point of strength and self-actualization, toward the “middle” for a balance of knowledge in truth.

In addition, I have just reviewed Assassins Creed Origins and for those who realize the power of Virtual Reality to learning, the subject matter is situated in Ancient Egypt where on can fill their minds with the texture and feel of that ancient realm. It is a good journey and by using the game to increase one’s mental ability to visualize our ancient past, that material is a boon to seeing what those ancient days might have looked like. Check it out to see the power of Virtual Reality to mental traveling. 

We are running out of Steam…

2.1 – A Coming Paradigm-Catharsis for Educational Curriculums.

Humanity builds paradigms as a means of perceiving the reality of existence. It is the way we are, and we are not likely to change the way we do life unless it’s better. A paradigm is a structural system of conceptualization sometimes referred to as the tacit infrastructure. It is an idea-basis for thought and represents the patterns and parameters in which that societal-thought builds a discipline/s that humanity can understand and use as a tool for leveraging mind, technology and matter.

It is because of the perceptions of our current and past order of living, that we must begin to change how we live because we are currently over staying our welcome here in Time/Space. Our civilization is becoming heavy with mindsets that are burdened with old ideas that do not fit our current direction of flight. Our current ways are long in the tooth. Education is the driver of future thought and it no longer fits the smell of the future. Interfacing with tomorrow looks impossible due to the fact that there are just too many of us and we are somewhat dumb. So we must buck up and move toward higher intellectual domains. We must present Wisdom in a different format.

Creating The First Steps…

Achieving the
Vision by January 2020

To Envision a New World City for The University of Mind
and Future Education will be in place by 2020

1.1 -The Need for a Mega-educational Benchmark in the 21st. Century.

The rapidity of change that is growing exponentially in our increasingly fuzzy existence requires mega-educational thinking and action to avoid the vestiges of past failed civilizations. While computers and robotics are increasingly deleting employment, our people search for an edge on life. It seems we are not entering a new age but are stepping backwards. We are in a new age that is doubling knowledge in geometric strides every four months. Many students learn more via the Internet, and their i-phones than their present schools. They are not being creative, but concrete in the political realms of an outdated media.

Primary problems in Education are as follows: 1. School Districts have become vast bureaucratic wastelands of administrative overhead expenditures and prime utilizers of social engineering rather than individualized classrooms that point to a career and new thought. 2. Textbooks are behind the times and few feature electronic or computer software to accompany enlightenment. 3. Curriculum stresses content rather than context and gestalt thought. 4. Discovery classrooms are few and far between. 5. Teachers are intellectually behind in their understanding of the needs of the marketplace. 6. What-if learning and future thought are needed to create future jobs and careers 7.Environ-critical expansion courses need to explore nanotechnology, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, space cosmic tech, oceanography, and many other new realms as new course offerings. 8. Values and morals need to be addressed via philosophy offerings.