Real human history is clouded by academic elitist’s misinformation.

What is our real history seemingly hidden by academia?

New evidence of mankind’s ancient history is being held out by the powers that be for reasons unknown by this seeker. Professors and scientists apparently just do not want to mess up their nice little worlds of academic calm so they may trudge across their respective campuses blissfully undisturbed. The real truth would complicate everything and everybody. They could care less about 1,000 ton blocks sitting in an ancient edifice designed by advanced engineering over 10,000 years ago. So what if their long-standing company-line is wrong?

What if there is evidence that humanity was once just as advanced or more so than we are today? Gee, look how well designed our systems (the human body) for moving about in physical Time/Space is overlooked. What if the secret to how and why we came to this planet is hidden waiting for our discovery? What if flying machines, cars, computers, radios, televisions, nuclear weapons, lasers, spacecraft, advanced medicine, genetic engineering, and master-building-design were representations of a civilization like ours only it was firmly held in the hands of the few, the rich and the politically powerful elite? They might have ruled the earth via technology, fear, and supreme intelligence. They could have prolonged life indefinitely and discovered the secrets of being and becoming. Compared to common man they seemed like gods and positioned themselves accordingly. Could our civilization be polarizing in this direction now, with the rich getting richer and the poorer masses exploding toward obscurity? Who really built the Pyramids and great edifices of Ancient Egypt or Machu Picchu?

What happened when the Ice Age came to a halt and all that glacial weight melted into the oceans flooding mass-civilization into obscurity? Like a giant waterbed, the surface of the earth changed drastically. What was lost under hundreds, perhaps thousands of feet of mud and historical ooze as earthquakes and tsunamis coursed over the surface of this planet drastically changing its surface? Is the evidence still to be found off the shores of present humanity? Did the so-called gods escape to the highlands and wait to return when it was all over?

This small but highly aware power-group may have ruled on the Earth some 10,000 to 15,000 years ago (some say more). The evidence of this epoch setting period does exist everywhere, and it is reinforced more every day by the finds of archaeologist, anthropologists, and other scientists. The truth of some of their work never reaches the public ear however, because it would require a gestalt paradigm shift for most of us to even understand the implications of such enigmatic data. Instead, we are offered the preliminary-spin from cautious minds not able to entirely perceive the real meanings behind the remains of Earth’s past history.

The accomplishments of ancient man are many and powerful when one puts away the weak assessments and lack of creative thought by the learned experts from the elitist institutions and universities. It is as though there is and was a conspiracy among these folks to hide the truth of an incomprehensible civilization that has always been kept hidden behind a facade of fertility-cults, ancestral worship, astrology, savagery, cursory bloodletting and other forms of supreme underestimation or outright concealment of ancient capabilities and intellect. The reality and mythology of the past is out of focus with academic assessments of actual artifacts. How dumb do they really think we are? It took a hell of a lot more than patient rubbing and chipping to create the massive works of the past which are aligned to the stars in a sophistication only learned (regained) in recent times. The striations on the surface of their stone works betray high-speed machining and engineering expertise that only advanced mathematics and computerese can address (See Chris Dunn).

The collective scientific community seems to support one another in a common “story” about our past. Are they afraid of the truth or do they protect something much larger? Perhaps they protect themselves and are unable to fathom the degree of high mentality and engineering wizardry required to create ancient works. Zecharia Sitchin has taken a scholars approach to an Eric von Daniken-like theory of our past. He has torn back the veil of Isis to expose the possibility that we did and possibly still do, have gods of super advanced technology living among us. He has presented evidence of the Anunnaki, who were human-like beings from the planet Nibiru (planet “X” 39 au away, currently coming into our solar system?) living on Earth for perhaps half a million years. He has gleaned this evidence from the ancient records of the Sumerians, Egyptians, Hittites, and the Tiwanakuans of Lake Titicaca of Bolivia (before the Inca). His work is collected in THE EARTH CHRONICLES, a series of books dedicated to deep research into the why of such magnificent engineering accomplishments as the Great Pyramids, Baalbek, Teotihaucan, Tower of Babylon, and much more. Even the Bible offers this information, yet many see it in the light of a lesser gestalt-paradigm. Sitchin recently passed away, but his insight is worthy of evaluation in view of the evidence of higher expertise ingrained in the artifacts of the ancient world.

Many of Sitchin’s questions have gone unanswered by today’s scholars who prefer to explain away phenomenal engineering feats in the simplest of terms. For anyone who has actually seen the sites such as the Great Pyramid of Egypt, the markings that run dead-straight for eight miles in the deserts of Nazca Peru, or even the beautiful constructions in Mexico–some of the puny conclusions by scholars seem totally out of context with the evidence.

An example — some years ago the Japanese tried to construct a 35 foot tall miniature version of the Great Pyramid which is almost 482 feet tall. In the end they had to resort to modern earth-moving and lifting technology which ultimately could not do the job. Modern man had to abandon this attempt to emulate ancient man. The Great Pyramid is 2.3 million blocks of 5,000 lb. perfectly dressed stone. Scholars suggest that the Egyptians would have had to position 6.7 stone blocks per minute in order to build the limestone structure in the 20 years calculated for the construction. If this were true, forces greater than any I am familiar with would have had to be used. In the fortress at Baalbek in Lebanon, the use of 1,000 ton monolithic stones pique the interest of any thinking engineer of today, especially one who wrestles with 150 to 300 ton beams. Of course, there are thousands and thousands of unanswered questions like the above.

Even von Daniken’s work begins to take on a realness when one finds an old National Geographic from 1933 corroborating the “Band of Holes,” that he personally inspected a few years ago. Each hole is a meter wide and just as deep. There are eight holes spanning 24 meters in width, marching in repetitive uniform fashion, from the Pisco Valley rolling over numerous hills and valleys — finally disappearing in the misty mass of Peru. These holes remind this old West Texas boy of the traces left by a massive drilling rig moving along methodically, testing the geology of the Andes for precious metals. Lasers have also left such tracings in the ground. Archaeologists say they represented defensive positions or graves for the ancient ones, except why would you bury anyone on a remote slope in rocky soil at more than a 45 degree angle?

But my friends, there are tons of anomalies in the mysterious lands of South America — Colombian models of delta winged forms, giant pyramids in the Amazon Basin, built on mountain slopes covered by inaccessible jungles and others are examples. Are these mysteries part of why Teddy Roosevelt was so introspective upon his return from the Amazonian adventure which eventually caused his death? This is an area where satellites from space represent the best vehicles for discovery of the great structures or patterns on the ground. The Amazon hides “tall, robust” civilizations of the past, that have been radio-carbon dated just recently to over 8,000 years old, and it seems we have not even scratched the edges of this area’s massive hidden potential for learning the true “why” of its humanity.

In Bolivia, the archaic sites of Tiwanaku and Puma Punku on the shores of Lake Titicaca, represents one of the greatest question marks for all mankind. Here are the remains of a city with one of the most sophisticated sewer systems for even modern times. According to archaeologist Alan Kolata from the University of Chicago, he has never seen or heard of a better system. His awe is also taken by the remarkable agricultural system of canals and hydraulic systems that he is even now using to increase potato production for area residents. The raised field system used by the ancients must have occupied 400 to 500 square miles and could easily have fed the 100,000 or more ancient residents living on the arid Altiplano.

Kolata and Oswaldo Rivera of the Bolivian National Institute of Archaeology who excavated this great area which includes 2.5 square miles of an advanced form of building are totally taken aback by the evidence of a high-minded civilization that once were ensconced in the area. There are pyramids with some interlocking stones weighing 160 tons. Many of the structures offer interior hydraulic systems that control water, which runs under and through the massive structures. It has been said that this site contains the biggest stone-built buildings in the Americas with such advanced engineering in evidence. Archaeologists have found that the concisely cut stones were interlinked by copper clamps that once held them together as hedges against earthquakes prevalent in the area.

Not even the more recent Inca culture knew to use the clamps in their attempts to emulate the advanced cultures prior to their own. Many of the structures also use the interlocking stonework, which is famous in Peru, but a different twist is found in evidence at Tiwanaku or precisely Puma Punku. These stones resemble the work of a master gun smith, with complex breach-locking levels and sophisticated cuts that have never been seen in any other ancient culture and little used in our own cultures. No written language has been found but unusual designs that compare to configurations of today’s computer chips have been unearthed. How did these geniuses of engineering, make do without a written language? Perhaps they had I-pads or ME computers as suggested by Sitchen for the Anunnaki who laid down Sumerian civilizations.

If humankind could suffer a gestalt paradigm shift, thus enabling us to see anew the reality of what we are now discovering about life on Earth and the Universe, then perhaps we would realize that we have been here before. Some ancient records say that this is the 5th round of existence that we are experiencing. Cycles are in evidence everywhere in nature and in mathematics. Could the past records of Earth finally push human intellect beyond the little minds that we are now perceiving life through to a higher level of understanding, thereby letting us spring from the pedestal of this planet into the oceans of new learning that wait for us to finally arrive…and, when we do, will we know the territory when we see it?

The Opening of the Universe is about to happen.

The things happening now to our world and our known Universe is quickening toward opening up with the advent of AI or Artificial Intelligence about to impact the knowledge base of what we know. It will eventually cause how we learn to turn upon its ear. Indeed, we are at the cusp of a new age that perhaps we have not even thought about for some 13,900 years.

A new cursor is about to flash before our eyes and enlighten all we perceive and not perceive. It is an open end to our knowledge base pushing toward a massive Golden Age. We are about to learn how to do things Bigger and better. But there are things that are happening in the background of our lives that few of us even realize. We are learning more about our past and the advanced beings that once lived here with us. By studying the Archaeology of those practitioners of places like ancient Egypt or Puma Punku or Machu Picchu, we are realizing that our past was much more robust. In the coming days we will soon learn greater things that will ostensibly change our visions and viewpoints on our past human history.

For those who can feel the universe and know the messages incoming it seems perplexing that most are not attuned to the rapidity of signals inundating our planet. The breakthroughs in all branches of Science are coming faster every day. It is enough to make the head spin. Silence is the means state and meditation is the way and the key to awakening to advanced stages of our stint on this planet.

The University of Mind is a realm whereby the entire knowledge held on the outside in all of the Internet and World Wide Web will be analyzed via computer programs to extract data for the study of all disciplines pointed to curriculums beyond human wisdom to become areas of study. It will become a vast collection of data that will be organized into a unified realm of study. As time goes by The University of Mind will become the source of wisdom via this Umbrella of Akashic data. You to can be a part of this manifestation by joining this blog of discourse pointed to tomorrow’s educational realm.  More to come.

The Mind’s Eye Looks into the Human Eye and sees a question beyond time…

To see and not see. To utilize all the human senses and not sense. Since the beginning of time how many times have we stopped to wonder about our own interface with reality or whatever this experience really is anyway. The human eye, what a wonderful device to discern this realm of many visual stimuli. Beauty beyond imagination has been our gift. Yet, how does one really see without knowing that the apparatus to visually discern must have had a beginning or have we always been able to see and therefore perceive. If one were to look into a mirror would they just take for granted all the human senses that give us our view on physicality in order to leverage our own presence here in life? Those who say there is no God, no way we were inserted into this surrounding into a body, a means of motivation here to experience existence? Wow! If we only would stop to think.

In the coming University of Mind offerings we will get deeper into the reality of being here in Time/Space. The things we take for granted and never contemplate as we go out the backdoor. There is much to this place that we do not really stop to think about. We Leverage every tool and ability we have here. The word leverage is simply a silly little thing we never stop to use. The human eye leverages all the visual stuff for our purposes and we never stop to think about the Leverage it took to create such a device. So, we will discuss all these things on a deeper level. Join us and learn to see.

To create a means to visualize requires the tools to leverage such a possibility in Time/Space or Physicality. How does the universe create a desire to see? What is Seeing? Would this not require a mentality to want to see? How does an entity know what seeing requires? More to come.

Secret of the Zebra… Where we must go in our thinking!

At what point did “Nature” (or some ancient genetic engineer) decide to genetically map the mathematical “fractallian” precision onto the body of such a beautiful specimen as the Zebra?  Did it just manifest through evolution, or is there something more extraordinary to the puzzle?  Some believe there must be a gestalt secret entwined within the matrix of biological information and processing of programmable DNA that is evident in the symbol of the stripes.  Could it be a created messenger from an ancient geneticist’s cause for aesthetic communication across the ages?  To think of the complexity involved in such a theory, boggles the mind and upsets more than the old bromide of which came first…the “white horse” or the dark stripes.  Something strange and different goes on when one delves deeply beyond the implied common science.

Could the knowledge of non-linear dynamics known by an ancient sentient civilizations such as the old Egyptians have genetically manufactured animals, including Zebras, if it had in its possession the basics of Fractal Geometry…could we?  In the near future, research will produce a gargantuan amount of geologic and genetic data on the environment and the Animal Kingdom Genome.  Couple this new information with the other leading-edge fields of Holography, Nanotechnology, Super Computers, Virtual Reality, Microbiology, and many more, then use the mathematical loom of Fractals to weave theory into reality, and we may find ourselves face-to-face with a checkered Zebra.

Fractua” is Latin for irregular, so Benoit Mandelbrot (an IBM Fellow) coined the name “fractals” (1980) for his new self-similar geometry, which can emulate the visual dictates of the world of chaos and the dimensional reality of natural forms.  Fractal Geometry can define reality in a numerical fashion as it exists in the micro and macro realms…thus digitally mapping all being, via quantum manipulation and on-going change factors which are broadcast within the electromagnetic spectrum and throughout eternity.

The fact that some students of knowledge seem to miss when entranced by the symbol of the Mandelbrot Set’s “island molecule,” is that it looks exactly like a silhouetted, sitting Buddha.  To accidentally stumble upon such synchronism between a mathematical equation for reality and a philosophical icon for life (Buddha) is indeed awesome for those who seek the arcane wisdom of the gods.  If the two were truly related, perhaps more investigation would bridge the gaps between ancient religion and modern science. Are the two, one?  Both are really looking for the same understanding of truthful existence in this Universe.  However, the point remains…there are no schools of thought higher than Truth…though its secret is ever fleeting.

Issac Asimov reinforced the above by stating philosophically that the secret/s of the Universe are enfolded in fractals and that the enigma of this constancy will remain forever unknown — an enigma.   Other scientists think otherwise and are in a heated race to frame a fractal-future in a new and fascinating understanding that could finally addresses the concepts of infinite creation through a quantum/holographic/fractal marriage.

Most of Nature still remains hidden from the vision of truth.  We must in the coming decades stare into the depths of “what-if-thought” and realize life’s deeper understandings and the clues to our deepest past.  Causes and issues such as the Earth’s rain forests being consumed at exponential rates, spurs some of us to fight such economic greed knowing that the plants that grow there are sources of extracts that are far more precious to us as cures for disease rather than being “slashed” lands for coffee or other crops.  Their worth is still enfolded within the grasp of Natures packaging waiting for intellectual release. Many think our ancient ancestors encompassed their knowledge in their genetic gifts passed forward.

While predestined cycles approach a point of serendipity, and a plethora of causal ingredients point to a paradigm of why man exists on this earth, some men still see with the veil of illusion crystallized between their retinas and the mind’s eye of intuitional knowledge…the sixth sense.  Consciousness resides at levels prefixed at the “un,” the “sub,” and shoots to a high of super-consciousness.  Now, psycho-cognitive and other scientific research reinforces old myths into truths that higher understanding only amplifies as mankind sheds its “selfdom” for altruistic beliefs, thereby ushering in a realm of higher consciousness.

How deeply does mankind truly see?  Can we match mind to wisdom and perceive that there are greater scientific unknowns (than the Zebra’s stripes) just floating around us waiting to be discovered? Or, does the cause of the “ENIGMNI” (the absolute ultimate unknowable) exert its power over mankind’s quest to push forever the envelope of reality beyond our own comprehension?  Perhaps the evolution of alternative means of thought enabling us to see and understand the makings of the Universe will require exploration of creative pathways that go around old empiric paradigms…systems of doing science that have become the tacit infrastructure (a way of expressing unspeakable, yet concrete concepts of life).  Have we become victims of our own complex ignorance and are now unable to participate in the “brainstorm” required for tomorrow’s world?  Philosophy and Science must again merge in the search for truth…through a rededication to creativity…the ongoing act.

As to the secret of the Zebra — could mankind have missed the “point” of the ancient Unicorn in that its symbolic message to us was not the one-horned horse, but the one with the gift of Fractal Geometry on its coat to “point” (guide) our way from the beginnings of our time to the grand leaps required of our complex future.  Orientation for a new viewpoint may be dawning.  Considering where we are in human development… it is something to think about and apply to all the so-called gifts we find manifest about us in the caldron of Existence. If we accept the Secret of the Zebra, then we are only just awakening to the fact that there were highly advanced minds creating here on this Earth long ago and they were doing the preliminary work on the Primary Technology that we enjoy as Nature.

Research Papers are too Long… But!

Since obsequious conditioning requires of participants a mutualism of flattery and sensitivity to favorite causes, collusion runs rampant in our public schools. Cute people position themselves as ultra-unique, and in their mutually fantasizing minds they are. Adulation from others is needed to stoke their egos; consequently, you will find most high school and university students are involved in social intercourse and the fruits thereof, rather than learning truths.

Most kids will do just about anything to be accepted by their peer groups or others. To become knowledgeable is only cursory to their agendas. Some students find happiness in the sports, band or dance teams — they serve as forums for their campaigns of cuteness or social worthiness. It seems everyone wants to identify with the elitist-cute or those positioned by word of mouth or the media as being “in” (like the pandered stars of Hollywood).

Once a student gets a reputation for being cute, he/she could be in for a perpetuation of the process that only gets more acute as they go along. Cuteness can lead to any high position if you have the backing of others for whom the “image” means “cute-bucks” and social status. Politics is a great attraction for persons made of the above formula (some are stars but not statesmen).   Popularity and the psyche of an extrovert are next to being independently wealthy. Of course this is always accomplished at the expense of those not so cute.  “Haves” are cute, but “have-nots” are usually anathema.

For decades, America and the World has been engulfed by the psychology of cute which sells the painted or feigned smile as its mark of the ultimate sophisticate. It is in truth a grimace. In animals a grimace is an expression of concession…like a dog lying on its back. In humanity it is usually a fake concession designed to reap more attention or assist in leveraging. If we humans constantly position, in order to make our lives easier, through illusory methods, we are conceding for unjustified gain.   We are playing games falsely.

Many of our teachers, students and the public in general, have spent a lifetime learning how to hype the world through “cute” insincere methods, rather than face up to our responsibilities through knowledge and wisdom.   If we take away all the false-play techniques of a cute personality, what remains of the individual…Illusions(?) — which are nothing.

Those who collude among their kind are wrapped up in their cuteness and seek to spread their selfishness out of guilt. Those of this society love corroboration of their actions and will marshal every forum of reinforcement to see that their kind survive. Misery loves company. What they are really looking for is love, and cuteness, they think, once meant that. Contrasted against the selfless, if they can be found in today’s world, the selfish takes on the mask of the destroyer.   Their baggage is almost unbearable. For the seeker of Truth, life takes on a placid state, unaffected by attempts at selfish leveraging.

Subconsciously the truth is always present for the seeker of Truth. He is involved in the power of knowing the “Other” which usually amounts to finding love. The seeker knows that the inner being must be awakened and that involves putting away the noise of the illusion. Looking past the self and bringing the empowerment of LOVE to our future generations just might re-establish how learning should be structured…in truth. Our humanity will never survive otherwise.

In his book, The Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav saw how humanity nullifies its potential positive power by playing upon the dynamics of the split between love and fear. He states as follows:

“The human emotional system can be broken down into roughly two elements: fear and love.   Love is of the soul. Fear is of the personality. The illusion of each personality is generated by and sustained by the emotions that follow fear, such as anger, rage, vengefulness, hatred, jealousy or envy, loneliness spite, sorrow, despair, grief, regret, greed, lust, arrogance, alienation, self-pity, lethargy, guilt, resentment, and feelings of inferiority and superiority. Emotions such as these lead to corresponding behaviors, such as selfishness — toward people and animals and the Earth and the kingdoms of the Earth–and using others in the many ways that humans use one another… commercial, sexually, emotionally…and lying, manipulation, violence, brutality, impatience, ridicule, and judgment.”

Zukav, also wrote The Dancing Wu Li Masters, a book that has made many seekers of knowledge start the pathway to a higher playing field of awareness. Why is the philosophy and tradition of the above not a part of our public educational offering. All knowledge should be in the offing for the sake of an advanced civilization…religion included. We should have the freedom to teach, especially the above because it is indeed what brought us to this point in history.

Freud verses Jung brings us to a study of positive and negative results of being. Is selfishness positive or negative?

Narcissistic theorist and their findings are usually targeted to your “rights” and your feelings about existence within our national experience of liberty. Notice the word “your.” Most of the psychology used to back up the politically correct (P C) strategy utilized most by the liberally-oriented factions of our democracy are based on “Freudian” Psychology. (Sigmund Freud, 1856-1939, was the founder of Psychoanalytic movement). Freud’s influence via his theories of neuroses and leveraging via sexuality (normal and abnormal) gradually gained favor among the politically minded and intellectual elite because of its power to mentally manipulate and interface with the human psyche. His works, such as Civilization and its Discontents, (1930) had immense impact on the modern strategy of social engineering via politically correct propaganda.

Freud’s audacity of leveraging sex into the open gave extroverts just the tools they needed for their social reinforcement. Now his socially accepted theory seems to reinforce the self-aspects rather than living with society through Love (though they have attempted to destroy the meaning of that word too).

Freud’s theories break down the linkage between the “me”(self) and the “object” (other – all of life outside, the “me”) perception of being. With today’s emphasis on me-ism, self-esteem, self-realization self-actualization and the emotional/feeling paradigm that is currently a topic of conversation, our nation faces the prospects of total division through narcissistic elitism.   Now lawyers are aligning with the psychoanalytic movement and making new laws as they collude their way into higher and higher government positions.

With every person out for themselves, what hope is there for a nation of people to face financial hardship and emotional challenge by accepting responsibility for their government, themselves and their families? Without social character and morals, a nation dies. In view of the programming we are getting on the propaganda machine (the national media elite), is it any wonder why gangs, crime, drugs, graft, divorce, child abuse, and on and on…is it any wonder, why our national character needs a new point-of-view?

Danah Zohar, in her book The Quantum Self, reflects on the power of narcissism as built upon by Freudian Psychology and how it can destroy human psyche if inculcated into a reason for behavior. This foray into liberal thinking (victimization) seems to sidetrack a being’s positive pathway toward human development. She suggests that the liberalism which saw its amplification in the 1960s was and is a result of the Freudian instruction and theory of being, found so prevalent at most major universities then and now.

Zohar states that: “The consequent selfishness, shallowness, alienation, and downright unhappiness of all these cosseted individuals (1960s self-awareness movement) are familiar concerns to many of us in our daily lines. The sad irony here is that in a culture that lays so much stress on the individual, his own sense of personal worth and power is so diminished. As many psychologists have noted, narcissism is more about self-hatred than self-love, and is commonly associated with feelings of emptiness, worthlessness, personal disintegration, and pent-up rage.   These symptoms are the source of a great deal of social tension and personal pain, and have generated a whole popular literature that includes books like Lasch’s THE CULTUURE OF NARCISSISM and Allan Bloom’s old classic, THE CLOSING OF THE AMERICAN MIND.   Both describe in graphic detail the side effects of too much emphasis on what I would call the particle (as opposed to wave – physics) side of our being.”

Zohar’s words then take us into a direction that humanity could have embraced rather than the Freudian way, with the theories of Freud’s colleague, Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961). The great Swiss psychiatrist’s works seem to not only comprehend Freud’s theories but also go beyond and then back to the ancient traditions as well. Jung’s works in analytic psychology included the total being and his/her relationship to the universe. His studies of consciousness and spirituality reminds me of the work of the ancient Bodhisattva (he, who has attained the All), the Gautama Buddha. In the same vein, his work also parallels the fresh new ideas of today’s modern physicists. Jung even predicted that nuclear physics and consciousness would someday merge in a kind of transcendental discipline not unlike Danah Zohar’s more recent theories of the quantum self. Jung, and later Zohar, saw the relationships between psyche and its influence on matter–“for how otherwise could it (mind) move (leverage) matter?”

Is Quantum Psychology – A Coherent Theory of Being? Danah Zohar, F. David Peat, — plus many other awakening scientists of the present reality are perhaps on to discovering the crux of human existence by focusing on the “light” of quantum mechanical processes. Zohar’s model of existence in the human consciousness is that the brain has two interacting systems. Coherency (synchronized jiggling of cell molecules) is accomplished with the Bose-Einstein condensate, which she associates with achieving levels of consciousness via the communication linkage of biophoton activity. The second is a computer-like linkage to the individual neurons of the brain.   It is a quantum mechanical model. She believes that this dual system acts as one unit giving us our view on reality without the need of a supernatural realm for science to have to address.   Perhaps she is on to at least how we interface with the laws of nature or the consequence of God’s Being.

Peat, a physicist/philosopher, has written extensively on “be-ness” in this reality we call life.   In his book, The Philosopher’s Stone, (1991), he plunges as deep as Zohar, Bohm, and others into the development of verbal and mathematical tools that interface with the Laws of Nature. He reinforces the interconnectedness of the universe via mind and matter and like the ancients, retells how the very atoms (pixels?) that constitute manifest existence, communicate via photons (radiation) in a conscious-like flux of movement. He too, sees the power of the eastern philosophies as they play off of western physics. Peat also believes, as does the traditions of the ancients, that chaos is but unperceived order. Perhaps his most interesting observations are stated below. They seem to reinforce the old concept of Karma or the Laws of Consequence for human participants.

Read: Since the mind and body are deeply linked together, such a new wholeness will also spread to the body. Holistic meaning can therefore link people at all levels, from the mental to the physical and between a person and nature. Actions, conversation, decisions, and dreams emerge out of this resonance. And clearly, synchronicity would be one manifestation of this new type of activity.

We can also envision such outflowing of meaning at the cellular level (DNA). Within such a dialogue is also the possibility that molecular transformation can become the appropriate response to an overall change in meaning within the environment.

But disharmonious situations also exist in which the activity of a system is at odds with its surrounding environment. For example, conflict and division experienced by an individual can give rise to a very subtle form of damage to the brain. Just as subtle structures in the brain can respond to the ever-changing field of meaning in which they are embedded, so, too, a person whose levels of meaning are incoherent and confused will develop a brain that becomes increasingly insensitive. When mind and body are no longer in harmony, confused meanings enter the body and cause illness and disease. The result is a muted response to life and even bizarre, destructive and violent behavior.

F. David Peat’s assumptions are corroborated by the ancient traditions, and contemporary research. Humans leverage their lives via deep-seated causation that we must become aware of in order to better understand our reason for being. It appears that all this is wrapped up in a picture that we are just standing too close to, in an attempt to see the whole.

Leveraging and Collusion or Gestalt Love and Topsight — these are all words designed to understand how we exist in positive or negative modality when in a physical state. The cursor of our very being rides the light of our decisions searching for a plus or minus verdict on each and every event sequence that confronts our soulular travel. So, how can we get a grasp of this existence built upon leveraging time and opportunity as it confronts the crest wave of phased space/time? What determines Good and Evil outcomes?

Imagine finding a point of observation that would let you see all that makes mankind and life understandable. Everything that has made us what we are would come into a focused-vision that would detail the total life-spectrum. This view would allow us to finally determine where we need to apply emphasis and utility in order to enhance the quality-of-experience for our own conscious beness.

Some call the above viewpoint “topsight.” Its information to us should be gestalt (total) or all encompassing in character. Part of topsight’s message could be that humanity becomes or progresses through reality as a result of utilizing tools of power and/or creativity.   This would get us from one event-sequence (special moment) to another, hopefully without losing status, position, or self-control in the process. Defeat would be possible through acceptance of fear, loneliness, the void, or nonexistence. Defeat would also make us a victim.

Humans use or leverage the tools of power to propel themselves from one or more event/s toward ever more complex event/s, thereby creating conscious movement through time and space. Human leveraging is accomplished through the utilization of a lens-of-sensual-understanding better known as a brain. It provides the input/output ability served by our five sensory connections to the physical world. In the manifest universe, we are what we know and what we communicate to and from the other aspects that complete the feedback-loop made up of the “me” and the “other.” Humans leverage the “other” (everything outside of themselves) through the mental manipulation of illusions and truths and their relationships to power positioning. Humans usually accomplish this through strategy built upon self-gratification (false love), self-empowerment, survival or True Love for others.

Human power-vehicles already referred to earlier, are used as tools to leverage reality or matter in time and space. They are: violence, knowledge, love, friendship, beauty, wealth, social position, immortality (religion), and well being. The application of truth or illusion and selfishness verses lovingness as ingredients, can be built or included with any of the power-concepts to be leveraged by the human entity to produce manipulated results within the arena of event-sequences…life.

For most of us, education has been taught through a liberal arts curriculum centered around reward and punishment methods which reinforce the theories of behavioral modification, positive reinforcement and deference to authority (rather than earned respect). In its early days, this educational process produced satisfactory citizens because of the initial creative start.   In time, however, creativity wore down and collusion (self-oriented behavior) began to creep into the process. People sought increasing favors from their leaders and each other to satisfy their needs for increased acceptance and popularity in their social and business lives. It was a power thing.   As the participants began to expend as little energy as possible to get the most reward possible, leveraging through misinformation signaled the expansion of selfish/ulterior motives.

Mutualism and permissivism became the habit of collusion as its tentacles began to pervade every power base in life. Increased pandering among certain segments of the population produced waves of support programs designed to reinforce insecure egos. Blind collusion creating polarizations became the method of elitists to usurp power from the naive. Networked collusion began to approach a kind of sick pollution that diffused creativity and true self-esteem because subconsciously, humanity knew it was living a self-manufactured illusion. This misinformational-life soon became the fashion while the liberal media used “peoplespeak” and pop culture to amplify the narcissistic message for power and political profit. Truth has since become hard to recognize because leveraged-illusion has expanded to meet an increasingly complex society or one that is confused by a saturation of complexity.

By propping-up and rewarding “poor-me-ism” through the illusion of kindness (which the transmitter / receiver knows is an illusive lie), this sickness begins to offer up a vision of the ultimate collusion of a self-centered, ergo lonely, populous expressing destructive behavior.   Humans today constantly require psychological reinforcement through the “mirroring” of each other for some sign of personal worth. Reinforced by “showy” positioning, via communicative exchanges of collusive activity, the universal lie expands so the participants feel needed. These persons constantly seek visual recognition and eventually become obsessed with posturing for adulation and fawning approval. Some exchange flattering remarks so as to “pump” each other up since they share a lie together.

As illusions grow, consciousness of the real world decreases. (Is this because self-oriented illusive life produces more social and personal consequences via living lies?)   People sense a feeling of, “is that all there is?” Individuals caught in this web become easy targets for human leveraging or manipulation through emotional-blackmail or guilt-trips used to modify their (all) behavior. Most humans know when they “have-been-had,” except it is usually the next day or next year. Afterwards, they are either driven to lower esteem or to revenge through the threat or act of violence.

People living the leveraged-illusion has thus far produced most of our social problems including the lack of interest in our public school systems, because these practitioner’s lives are built upon systems of collusive practice. Gangs, terrorists and other undesirables can proliferate in a world full of perpetuating lies. Perhaps the time has come to investigate a more creative approach to living life. Such a change would require of mankind the ability to rise in higher-ordered cognitive processes, which are not yet a part of human education. The introduction of such a collusive-less paradigm could usher in a realm of creative “top-sight” and a life of a little more Love and Truth. But first, we must determine what positive and negative conduct produces Good and Evil in the Leveraging of a Virtual Life.

Understanding THE CRUX OF BEING…

We seem to examine our being to become more. As we become more our vehicle erodes but we may soar. As time passes the vehicle no longer can sustain the means of thinking and we slowly pass into the void. Others pick up our thoughts and carry parts of it forward and it goes on and on through the blood. But is this only an illusion? There seems to be a distant thinker in the mix — one that drives our very being from the darkness of our apparent physicality. It is like a massive Godly program that determines exactness and procedure for leveraging the elements of this information packed realm we call living. Its precision is awesome and perfect. It seems to be ALWAYS. 

There seems to be a lot of automatic means and methods of moving us through this realm of informational being. The thinking, conscious part of us seems to be in for a ride. We ride the light of this realm where everything is automatically moving into new data that constantly is formulated via past data. There is no going back under the same conditions, only forward where change is taking place with new aspects to ponder with our mind or our thinking part of this experience pointing to potential. Our future depends upon a proper or positive process of determining what aspects to use in the mix of past data for future leveraging of trends and conditions.

The Crux of being seems to depend upon something that maintains some form of constancy so we may maintain the information float in a burgeoning echelon over the chaos potential. If chaos can rise, we are destroyed or move to a higher echelon or level of existence for dimensional experience. It is all information manipulation on our part and that of the system within which we dwell. It is always becoming and we are along for the trek.


The Crux of Being involves a multifaceted, multidimensional means of experiencing existence through consciousness. Each part interacts with its other parts. We are parts of the whole that must be present in order to interact and perceive existence. Otherwise we do not exist. Yet, we are one collective and part/s of us lose our vehicles but our knowledge interweaves with the knowledge of our other parts.

We should love one another as we love ourselves for the other is us all.

In reality, existence is so complex that all the spectral levels of being here in Time/Space combined cannot divulge the means of transfer from one dimension to the next. It is how Mind rides the light. Even Light has amplified parameters of speed and movement to higher and higher levels of being that are created constantly. To contemplate upon existence is almost not worth the investment of energy when one considers that this— this Is, is going on constantly and has always been. Behind it and within it is the Mind that rides the vehicle of Light in this expression we think upon as LIFE.

To some the great “We” that makes up this universe is full of billions and billions of parts all associated with each other in some fashion. To Others, this realm is the expression of One that is multifaceted and multidimensional as it courses in and through a projection into time from Timelessness as threefold — Present, Past and Future as the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Is it possible that all the beings of this grand illusion of parts within parts could be in reality only One — the Collective Singularity? As human beings we all exist within this one Time zone at the same time. Could these persons who think they are individuals who are localized in vehicles as a means of motivation in this physical state — could we be one who is all experiences? Just as a hologram made up of a Moiré Matrix of potential through time can contain billions upon billions of potential images — we are still found within a universe of one hologram of data with light selecting the combinations of contemplation/s to be expressed.


Indeed, we cannot think in terms of Always but just perhaps we are all living this experience not as a stone or a stone’s throw away from realization, but are one, massive, gargantuan state of being and becoming issuing from Timelessness as Always. To this One, at the top of this expression of Life all those little minds below are like the cells of our body, doing just about what we were programmed to do…over and over and over and over and…Which leads us to this:

The Crux of Being…

Therefore, this “crux of existence” is the reevaluation of how we learn, feel, think and grow within the arena of mind(s) in motion on a plane of existence that at times seems like a dream… but is much more for the seeker of knowledge and the truth of reality.  It is that inexplicable condition of constant learning that leads us through what we discern as…being alive.  The Crux of Being is pointed at the human process of “becoming” whatever we are capable of attaining.  This work is dedicated to the amplification of all our known sensory abilities and the more mysterious, intuitional realms that continue to be unused by most of us and furthermore is untaught to the present generation drifting in rampant retrograde.

The crux of being is a verbal extension of localized consciousness that pushes into the continuum of a larger reality – one we must be prepared to somatically experience, mentally grasp, spiritually embrace and then…seriously and universally join.  We must do this because we can through the coalescence of the collective mentality — Love coherency.