Building Schools of Advanced Curriculum on top of the Internet.

Schools are becoming obsolete and overpowering in our communities. They cost too much and their good for our nation’s future is falling away. We really do not need them when one considers the new technology and the content/context paradigm/s that are being invented presently. We should stop offering the silly package that makes us all look like each other and open up the potential for those who are deeply gifted or talented. We have made it too easy for some to ride a gifted horse that destroys genius. The net can offer learning at our own pace. With virtual reality and simulation technology we have the tools to burgeon forth if only a device were designed to interface with all the goods that the Internet and Intranet could offer to those who want to learn on their own. We have a great opportunity here with the University of Mind to brainstorm our way toward a new future. Let’s get started. Join us.