The University of Mind…

Mind rides the Light of Time/Space and identifies the reality of Being and Becoming. For ages humanity has done its best to educate every generation as to the elements and principles of this realm that we occupy. Today, we could have access to the highest education possible except for political endeavors to control the minds of our humanity. We are not getting the best that potential has to offer. We have set this site up to discuss and determine our true state of being to become down the road to our future by exploring our past and all facets in between. We start here with a clean slate and begin to seek out the possible avenues that we must traverse in order to find the means to give our future children the best possible means of inculcating who and what we are on this tiny dot in the universe. Let’s get started.


The University of Mind

Existence is an incongruity for most unto itself. Most of us are so busy with the mundane that we do not even notice the power of our own being as we traverse the realms of daily happenstance. Yet existence is awesome to those who slow down and boggle their mind with the gargantuan reality of standing and being self aware of our own breathing. The act of thinking about thinking is beyond just being cool. Here, we will begin to build a site whereby we will change how we think to move ourselves back to our great mission. Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is.