The Vast Benefits of Ancient Cultures Exposed

The study of ancient cultures of the past will soon become highly beneficial and exciting to the students of the future. New discoveries are being exposed and found daily in regard to Archaeological finds. Advanced civilizations are coming to light that date prior to 12,900 years ago. With the development of AI or augmented reality systems, we are able to go to some of those sites and virtually walk around. In the coming days, we will begin to explore the impact of these new finds to our educational future and determine how they will make learning much more exciting.

Author: claronu/Ron O.

I am a multifaceted designer of many disciplines. Much of my expertise is derived from Engineering, Advertising, Marketing, Ancient Philosophy and the Laws of Existence or the Human Leveraging Paradigm. I was a consultant to Governors, Congressmen, CEOs and many others. I have served government and many large business concerns. (Claronu is the name used in the ENIGMNI, an e-book I wrote 20 years ago).

5 thoughts on “The Vast Benefits of Ancient Cultures Exposed”

  1. In the coming weeks I will amplify on this post’s meaning to the future of Humanity. It is highly important that we explore the truth of the populating of this planet and its true history.

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  2. Is it possible that hidden in the sands, rocks and unrecognizable debris of the Mediterranean world, deep down below all that ancient oblivion there exists the remains of a most unrecognized old, advanced civilization? An Eden world may hide there. One we have been held to not know or realize by plan then dictate? Could such be the condition sold to our entire planet’s mindset to deprive us of our true being? We have no concept of how advanced humanity might have been prior to the Carolina Bays Event of 12,900 years ago when some massive punctuated event swept the planet clean. If the Demigods or whomever these potentially super beings were, survived an Earthwide catastrophe due to advanced engineering methods that we see in Egypt, Peru and many isolated spots around the globe including the evidence of advanced mathematics and knowledge, then they would have been the benefactors of lost civilizations and religious traditions. They could have ruled isolated through those centuries of reclaiming our former ancestry. It seems evident that they had the expertise of our present day DARPA with the brain power of MIT behind their evident engineering creations. These entities so highly educated may have survived intact almost like our Army Corp of Engineers with much of their equipment intact and working. With the evidence of Nazca in mind, they may have flown around the planet. They would have been perceived as the greatest saviours when they appeared to the few survivors clinging to what little the world had left after the sweeping of mile high Tsunamis! Survivors who had to start over in the climb back to where we are today. With the increasing Archaeological finds of today rapidly showing more and more the early remains of a former advanced civilization, the answer seems clear, we have been had! Yet we now know the true God of our being to become has a message larger than our perceived Universe. We are His Parts of the Whole! Now we see deeper, dimensionally!


    1. 12,900 YEARS AGO……Takion; Your world is about to be destroyed from the one you once knew. But the knowledge of who and what you are will become more important to your Soulular treks than ever before. What you do now is the Crux of Being and Becoming. We come here to Learn and learning is known at your Instant of vast importance.

      Jomon; What you are saying has deep meaning to a part of me, but I think of all those who could be potentially impacted by such a devastating event as my inner mentality has already imagined. I think of the little ones of innocence, the questioning of their Souls and the massive sorrow that will flourish throughout their realms if deprived of known surroundings. I must hasten to prepare and help them in their time of need. I must do all I can to make things as they always were and will be again. It is up to me to be their strength, so I must go. The weight of this presentation of events must be balanced and leveraged toward the comforting of those in need.

      Takion; Blessed Soul, I Love the coherency of your mindset and deep concern that is expressed via your painful thoughts. It is a wonder to me the Love you put forth at the awakening of your deepest considerations, here. In another state of mind perhaps you will amplify upon the higher perspectives of all that is about to happen. It is your seed that must pass forth the knowledge and wisdom gained by this the ultimate Learning Test to Godly Consciousness. You must realize because of your ultimate mentality, others will benefit if you prepare for a higher state of understanding.

      In the coming durations the Bolide or specifically a massive Comet Particle, that has loosened from the confines of my ancient world, now referred to as the Astroid Belt — once consolidated as my old home planet will aim at this your home world, composed of Ice and Stone and hugely programed by Fate Herself. Your world is more vile than you once knew. But the scary, criminal acts of most here on the planet have crushed the reason for a continuation of their evil acts of commonality. No one is safe unless they are as you and your brotherhood of Wisdom. I will tell you the REASON. It is the word, REASON. Tell your mind to dwell upon its complex aspect/s and prepare for Higher Consciousness.

      Aligned all along the Great Ocean’s edge are the cities of mankind. It is where they all are settled enjoying the fruits of your research and that of your Brotherhood. They receive the grander of your works and bask and play in “frivolity” throughout their lives. They will not heed your warnings and will view your reports of danger flippantly with no concerns. Only the protectors will have an ear to your warnings. Some will organize and attempt to prepare while others will say nothing and drink to the Fates. Those who do not believe you are accustomed to the comfort of their abodes and will go about their daily routines as usual. Their minds never expanded to the knowledge of the true REASON of their own existences. Again, this is the CRUX of their efforts to smile throughout their durations which is a trick of human leveraging, the grimace in the face of Hell. It is representative of those who are slothful and lazy—full of their mother’s tendencies to take care of them constantly or not at all. Many are cosseted in their daily pursuits and expect something for no effort in return. They will not be capable of preparing for disaster. Again, we are sent into existence to LEARN and attain REASON.

      The Bolide or Comet will begin to swell as it approaches into the influences of the Goge or the Sun as some call it. The rays of the giver or LIGHT, will cause chemical change in the configuration of the form. This will cause it to begin to fragment and become a gathering of elementals that will trail behind it in a contrail of disjointed pieces of the Bolide. It will leave a mark in the sky to all that will see. Some of the massive particles will go into orbit around the planet to gradually rain down on the world for a thousand orbits around the Sun. Survivors will be forced to seek substantial abodes in various terrains or underground caves to shield their families from the incoming particles. It will be such for thousands of years. Few will survive unless there are plans and outside helping services. Some of you and yours will become the Serving Agents to those survivors. Some of you will become the primary builders of new groupings of survivors into new cities of the future. You must make sure that those Service Oriented Entities will always be Teachers of Good. Good is the only end product of REASON. Therefore, Such Goodness must be LEVERAGED in total adherence to the primary REASON.

      It appears you and yours have a vast new occupation due to this great Test for Humanity. You will become the builders of a new world. Now, I must impart the knowledge and wisdom of REASON to you before you go to your home base. Come with me into this great facility of Endeavor. This place has existed for many thousands of orbits of this planet. Its position here is ideal for the sustenance and survival of this civilization of man. I have sustained myself here for over 100,000 orbits due to the natural configuration of the landscape, its perfect height, mass and the natural flow of a potential hydra inundation or wind velocity which could impact this realm. I have done much research to ascertain its proper form and shape to survive the coming catastrophe. But here also is the outer shell of materials that conform to the body of a Human, engineered mathematically are each and every shape and form of the hardest stone to survive a certain degree of shattering due to the quaking of the planet. Fractally and geometrically are all the stones of this site where a few hundred humans could live and prepare for a new tomorrow. Thus we settle upon the first steps of REASON toward our preparation for such an eventual happening.

      From the Moire Arena.


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