Additional Old Posts from Ideas of the Past…

11.1- Architecture in a New World City — Multi-Universal.

Architecture in the virtual complex must be a mix of futuristic and ancient genre. Awe must be inspired when students or any other individual set foot within the complex grounds. Icons rendered in Maya-like glyphs presented in larger than life bass-relief are examples of the theme. Ancient concepts to modern materials and glass or plastic support will be utilized in an intellectual yet magical presentation. Much research will need to be gathered for this development. Texture and sounds will be very important in creating the realistic experience/s. The greatest minds of creative knowhow will need to create this the most unusual virtual realm for all of us to participate therein.


12.1- Curriculum in a New World City — Mental Strengths & Merit.

THE University of Mind’s NEW WORLD CITY PROJECT — will be an organization of people of a high-priority emphasis on human development for a Phase-II Civilization. Dialogue will be the most important key to interface within the organization but Mind will be the major emphasis. To bring minds of universal stature and nations and humanity together in dialogue and eventual synergism through multicultural or mix-cultural curriculums of education for the future and its markets, will represent part of the challenge of creating the curriculum for NWC. The secrets of Mind will be expanded to the edge of human intellect.

The purpose of T R I B E

(TRIBE is–The Research Institute for a Benevolent Earth and is the ancient and future purpose behind the NWC PROJECT– TRIBE would be the school of Primary Tech and a point of departure to creating the philosophies and beliefs necessary for human interface and dialogue.)

The Mission: The Research Institute intends to work expeditiously toward the above ends through present cultural systems, governments, and businesses to only amplify what is already in progress toward communicative unity. Representation of all positive cultural aspects will be closely followed. The RI Research Institute is an animator and catalyst for all entities (cultural or individual) in need of humane help and amplification. Multi-sensory interfacing, broadcasting, and extrapolation of human potential for altruistic benefits must always be strictly followed. The act of “judgment” must be discouraged…expansive truth/s must be sought. Humanity must be allowed its natural course with no hindrance by the Power Vehicles of Violence which includes hatred and misrepresentation. Reason is the Key.


Dialogue and Teamwork sets hopes of THE NWC PROJECT

The key point that all participants of the NWC PROJECT must remember is that of dialogistic-teamwork rather than that of political-leveraging — prime. Selflessness is the strength behind the concept. Power must subsume to Unity. The word DIALOGUE comes to us from Greek with dia meaning “through” and logos indicating “the word.” It is a specific process of maintaining a creative, free flow of communications between and among various groups that may hold differing opinions. It is a method of extracting meaningful information through the spirit of goodwill and friendship. This is accomplished in order to get all the viewpoints out on an agenda or issue so that a relevant synergism can be formed to address the needs of the future. Rigidly-held and nonnegotiable positions are presented dialectically as food-for-thought. Dialogue is not compatible with contentious or competitive discourse that degenerates into confrontation. Dialogue must be preserved unless overpowered by pure greed.

Credibility and the NWC Project

How will members of the NWC Project be able to arbitrate conflicts and aid in resolutions? All members of such an organization will be known by their works. Character and trust will be extremely important to those who seek help.


13.1- Contributors in a New World City — Business, Education,
Government, Foundations, and Technology

Participants in the NWC Project would be sought from every corner of the universe. All contributors would need to meet the standards of strict observances set by the management of NWC in consideration of the educational and economic goals of the entities and Nations involved.

14.1-The Interfacing with a New World City

Connecting with the power of the NWC will be the turbo-experience of anyone’s life, because it will require a desire on the part of the participant to expand his/her knowledge base for future advancement based on their own merit and the ability to reach the challenges that NWC will present to them. Each person will depart from the base of his/her own knowing as a position of strength. Students who have special projects or who have established excellence as part of their educational experience will be able to join advanced learning at the various virtual sites. Students may also attend or gain additional access via scholarships, sponsorships grants or special orders. The NWC will be open to all persons groups and the general public for subscription or special tours. All attendees will achieve credit on any course of accomplishment derived at the sites. Attendees will also be able to continue any course of study from their homes if they are linked via various modes of connection and have achieved membership in some form or fashion such as subscription. NWC will become an advancement curriculum provider and a member of the Human Utility Index.

15.1- Broadcasting and Narrow-casting from the New World City

Distance learning via all communication interface connections that include all media will be a large part of NWCs offering. Production facilities for staff and students will be a very important part of the real creation facility that will provide the programs and applications utilized by NWC.

15.2- Publishing form the New World City

NWC will publish books, tapes, cassettes, discs, videos, movies, films,CD-ROMs and all manner of reproduction for all elements of the system and project. An example would be a magazine (many magazines) including electronic data–a disc or CD-ROM, called ARCHEO, The Americas, which would be a monthly publication for students and the general public on all archaeological developments (including a newsletter) that are taking place at various sites within the hemispheres. Data would become part of an evolving NWC as new financial supporters sign on to test their educational products in the Beta-test-bed of NWC.

15.3- Producing Educational Resources from the New World City

All NWC publishing operations will serve as templates to future development at the facility by offering data to be converted into simulation studios and programming utilized in NOW-(mirror-jective) procedures that will be a part of how NWC stays current with budding data for keeping our students up to date. All educational data will be available to all public and private schools for subscriptions or rates.

16.1- Financing the New World City

NWC will seek funding from all possible sources that embrace education at its finest. The benefit to those concerns that sponsor NWC will be a research data network called the Human Utility Index which will offer its investors information in a Quality of Experience Matrix. This system will become a 3D socioeconomic psychographic profile of human existence in the process of becoming. Indicators of possible new products for investors will be proportionally made in kind. Possible investors would surely be the following: World Bank, National Banks, Banks of all nations, Universities, foundations, Individuals, Production Development Firms (Disney, DreamWorks, Apple, IBM, Sea World, Fiesta Texas and many others),and etc.

17.1- Politics behind a New World City…Circumvention.

Increasingly, planners, politicians and common everyday people are realizing that public education is not and will not meet the needs of a turbo-minded generation of today’s youths. Boredom is present in our students because the presentation and delivery of curriculums are extremely antiquated. Children raised on sophisticated sensory techniques in video games, television, CD-ROM and the virtual reality at the arcades, just cannot pull themselves down to a verbose pitch by a dowdy old lecturer.

The establishment of an educational technopolis or NWC for educational distribution and invention would be the benchmark to set the course for tomorrow’s civilization. It would become the leader, the focus and the vortex of all that is new in learning, and there is much that has not even reached the chalk-dust-pits of the classroom. More than advanced curriculum needs to enlighten the minds of our students — they must learn how to cogitate work and jobs via creative thinking with the tools already conceptualized by research and development centers and the dreams of futurists. Our kids need to learn to think on the FLY in order to create a new socioeconomic pedestal to our solar system and beyond.

A virtual technopolis would assemble all power groups into one great fountain of collective dissemination of knowledge, resources, utilities, broadcasts, title-making, production, programming, research, and edutainment for our children and their families. It would all be reachable on a home or school workstation or possibly at the site of a huge and real regional theme park. It would be the whole that everyone could contribute a part as participant or taxpayer. Such a Technopolis used as an umbrella whose protection and distribution can cover vast areas within the knowing, learning and becoming modalities, would serve to create a society that understands differences. Within that purpose, would be the responsibility to become the catalyst to future worlds via virtual learning of things not yet part of society’s present dreams. Future jobs could be created in this cognitive mindset that would allow brainstorming.

Impetus, in a world of understanding how to utilize chaos represents the new grounds of a generative order that has not been adequately explored. Complexity is at its core, yet we have been afraid to look upon the potential of learning its dictates. Our children must have access to this “What If” environ in order to create new events in time and space. A New World City would be that place to stimulate the desire to go beyond the stagnation of our present adversarial condition reflected in the gangs and educational complacency of our current youthful society. Knowledge and Wisdom must be power once again over politics and human leveraging. This would assume morality.

18.1- Managing a New World City

A goals oriented team of gestaltists, generalists and catalysts will manage NWC via a creative staff not unlike a Spielberg production company (although more advanced and larger) with technological data produced by a mirror-world systems in parallel or Cray-like. The Primary board will interface with the above for investment structure so that NWC continues to be viable. New systems of management will be explored on the fly and reported back to investors for their total quality control within a Quality of Experience Matrix.

19.1- Marketing a New World City

Marketing a concept as gestalt (total/expansive) as NWC will necessitate expertise that takes in the entire scope of human leveraging and psychological positioning of a paradigm, that for the most part, has never been attempted on such a scale. NWC must be inculcated through the entire scope and foundation of the human cognitive domain utilized via dialectics and quality of experience matrices. The entire spectrum of info distribution will also be incorporated in regional relations, news & information, public relations, personnel relations, media relations, government lobby, organizational relations, advertising, and network relations and services. Public service for business and education expansion and synergy will be an important theme for the NWC virtuallity. Perhaps the only example of current marketing power would be the AT&T campaign for tomorrow’s communications capabilities — YOU WILL. NWC will be much more powerful in that creating an educational vortex that will create 90% of tomorrow’s jobs, indeed, it must be awesome as of necessity.

20.1- A New World City as Ultra-Ed Universality

If the NWC management is as visionary as it must be in order to create a tool to leverage an Advanced Phase II civilization, it will become a one of a kind Universality for ultra-educational experiences. It is hoped that NWC will have centers where each university is well represented as a participant or a subscriber to the services and products of the facility. Some universities will no doubt offer more to the establishment and longevity of this educational experiment in humanity’s history.

21.1- Teachers Super Surge Courses–
Catalysts (National Treasures)

Unlike the Disney project, Celebration, NWC will not necessarily offer a teaching academy but rather it will establish a learning dynamic or mindset, built on creating Catalysts (teachers who create). Catalysts will become National Treasures and will stay up with leading-edge concepts, methods, and knowledge via “surge seminars.” Such seminars will be broadcast and networked to all subscribing teachers so they may be kept up to date. An International Society of Catalysts will be established as the professional organization for National Treasures. NWC will offer initiation into this super sophisticated group of SuperSeekers and Seers.

22.1- Crestwave education-New World-Corporate Executives

Retreats for business executives will be offered as part of NWCs spectrum of educational and business services. Sophisticated and advanced VR systems and programs will spur corporate personnel to new creative understandings that will impact their daily lives as well as improve production., Insertion into the Primary Technology program will recharge the natural spirit of self-reliance and creative-will for the executive via a dose of understood Nature. Health and wellness programs including unknown eastern systems will restore the natural balance and meditative analysis systems of the burned out executive. These services will also be available to educators.

22.2 – The Human Intellectual Utility…Intellectual Capital

Major corporations all across the international spectrum of economics are converting to new methods that point to intangible nuances of the mind as the ultimate asset to own and understand. According to the October 3, 1994 issue of Fortune magazine, the most important possession a firm can leverage is intellectual capital. Has the age of merit dawned upon mankind?

Companies are currently adding new segments to their annual reports on their knowledge assets and what they are doing to expand on such intangibles. Intellectual aspects such as unused patents, R&D, and case histories of marketing research are examples of creative utilization of past mental assets. Psychographic analysis is becoming move important because of its deeper penetration of the human intellect allowing corporations to better organize more powerful teams.

Disney is an example of a corporation that knows the power of an organized team and intellectual capital. They have formed and are offering amplified training programs to adults at the Disney Institute in Orlando. Their plan is to help corporations build their Human Intellectual Utilities to the max. Not only will they offer the bored baby-boomer a learning vacation, but they are currently gearing up to publish books, multimedia, CD-ROMS, and perhaps virtual reality applications to better train the merit-oriented business person. Corporations will soon be seeking to expand their bottom lines with lists of their intellectual report-cards that have been changed by advance training at the Disney Institute. Disney has seen the future not only for our children but their parents.

New World City will be this and more with deeper 10 level multi-faceted and exponential learning combined into comprehensive subscription/network offerings.

23.1- Hyper-science Projections & Brainstorming

Currently, science and specifically physical science, are converging with a new emphasis on what the universe truly is about. Discoveries in the Human Genome project, and other research programs are opening up what all of mankind is truly searching for a reason for being. Because of the esoteric laws of nature that hide behind the superficial laws of the universe are truly unknown, NWC will offer great debates, dialogues, and brainstorming sessions to all the scientific community and all students of science to ponder for future understanding. Constant and on-going projections will be compiled with current data so that seekers will discern the pathway they must follow in their educational needs.


24.1- Virtual-Ed Reality-Research in Mirror-jective worlds

Public education, a bastion of antiquated learning theory and crippled course delivery systems is about to bite the technological dust because of one recent event — Disney is getting into the education business. A Disney company in Orlando, Florida, called the Celebration Co. has linked to the Osceola County School District, Stetson University, and a cast of national education experts to establish a dynamic learning organization that will encompass 5,000 acres with 20,000 educational residents dedicated to a future world. Nearby, Epcot center will augment course presentation that will include computerized distance learning at school and home. A teaching academy for super-teachers will also be a part of the package.

Virtual Reality (a major system at NWC) is a computerized experience that is characterized by being immersive and interactive in offering its users alternate realities in 3-D cyber-environments. Immersion means that the participant is totally under the sensory data’s broadcast of a computer program — like scuba diving under water…a different world defined by pixels. The pixellated world reacts to the cybernauts head, hand or total body movement. One can experience a first person point of view, or a second person relationship with any program using a head-mounted display, a cab or cockpit, a chamber or holodeck-like feel, a desktop world, or a head coupled world. A mirror world experience is like watching yourself participate in a weatherman’s presentation.

Disney’s VR presentation runs non-stop from mid-afternoon until 2 a.m. in temperatures that range from 30 degrees to 110 degrees with less than 1 percent downtime. CyberTron™ is a gyroscopic system that utilizes a Straylight system with Silicon Graphics-based architecture that costs in totality $54,000. It uses a very high-resolution head-mounted display with visual and audio output information. Music that adds to the powerful experience in the programmed reality, reflects the mood of the moment. The two CyberTrons are linked over a highspeed Ethernet.

Silicon Graphics and Nintendo are in alliance to produce a virtual reality game system that will sell for $250. As the Nintendo generation and the Disney children grow up, they will find entertainment and information via familiar delivery systems that some of us old folks do not even understand. Yet, we continue to stand behind obsolete curriculums, and methodologies. Our world is eclipsed. Because 80 percent of our kids have been raised on super-stimulus systems for learning and entertainment, they will need a public education like the one Disney is pioneering. Nintendo, Sega, Atari, and 3DO apparently have not awakened to the VR educational potential yet — they will. We, the general public had best get on board.

Disney is creating an educational theme park that will become a vortex of learning research and distribution. It represents a direction that needs to be repeated as learning centers all over the nation. New World City would be networked world-wide. These NWC learning distribution capabilities could unite state education agencies, businesses, institutions, foundations and, nations. Establishing such a Virtual NWC learning system would be a boon to an education for tomorrow’s children.


24.2- The Expansion of Virtual Worlds via the Reality Grabber.

Most all of us are familiar with the concept of Virtual Reality. VR is an alternate reality filling the same sensory receivers in your brain otherwise filled by physical reality. It is created when people wear a Head Mounted Display (HMD) or computerized viewing-goggle and data-gloves or clothing over the sense organs. VR’s software and hardware generate enough stimuli outside one’s sense organs to indicate the existence of alternate worlds. When this happens, a person’s nervous system kicks into gear and perceives that simulated world as real. So, to the mind it becomes a window to a Technicolored world of dreams, or learning experiences that seem real, plus it also allows your friends to suit up and join your virtual reality.

Currently, technologists and scientists for business, the Department of Defense and NASA are working hard to help us get more out of virtual reality. They are working on a kind of camera that will reach out and grab reality no matter where it is. If just a tiny particulate of the once known reality can be quantified, then its reality can possibly be reconstituted using all the known equations of today’s reality. A VR company called PhotoVR is currently utilizing a specially configured video camera to scan the environment. What kind of camera could do this? Some call it a “reality-grabber.”

The reality-grabber is a computerized configuration that can measure and organize the reality that it comes in contact with via conventional camera and sophisticated digital scanning conversions of a multiplicity of electromagnetic data. Holography and fractal geometry would play an important role in the output of its malleable data. Such a machine would also know where it is at all times in the physical environment as it relates to planetary data.

Ultra-vicarious experiences will be possible if the RG has just a few points to triangulate in order to reconstitute. We are talking about a world of instant mirroring of reality for reuse. Its like a radio talk show that broadcasts a few seconds after the primary incidence except you can change its outcome for interfacing and integration. This will allow many things: to replay reality, even get ahead of what is really happening so trial and error strategy can anticipate what the outcome might be; to create alternate case histories that aren’t even history yet; to simulate the future to create new services, products…jobs.

25.1- Genesis Paradigms – Exploration beyond psychescapes.

To some of us, the edges of distant memory about manifestation (birth) within this realm of humanity, are smooth with few if any perturbations. Perhaps most of us think in a linear aspect rather than the gestalt language of universal symbolism that we are said to be born with. If we perceived differently we might recall everything. Beyond the realm of everyday reality, lies potential and its continuum of mindscape or dream-ware — it may represent our future, past and more. New World City will be designed to offer the path-finder opportunities to explore these ultimate realms.

25.2- Genesis Paradigms create new ways of Quantification

How powerful is the act of “seeing?” Few of us ever stop to think of this awe-some operation of observing the manifest universe via on-board sensory systems built into our very being. Seeing is believing, but total sensory contact with reality goes beyond just the five sensory experience that most of us enjoy today. It is the multi-sensory experience that has enlightened our philosophers and scientists to the point of seeking the ultimate answers to our very existence. This spirit of will needs to be a part of the learning within New World City.

Author: claronu/Ron O.

I am a multifaceted designer of many disciplines. Much of my expertise is derived from Engineering, Advertising, Marketing, Ancient Philosophy and the Laws of Existence or the Human Leveraging Paradigm. I was a consultant to Governors, Congressmen, CEOs and many others. I have served government and many large business concerns. (Claronu is the name used in the ENIGMNI, an e-book I wrote 20 years ago).

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  1. Education is so far behind the potential of a highly advanced potential that it makes one sick to think how great we could be if we really kicked learning into the afterburner stage.

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