The Coming Revolution via Cyber Minds…

6.1 – Jobs of Tomorrow Created in the Cyber Minds of Today 

Middle management positions are being alleviated and cutbacks are appearing everywhere at the nation’s biggest employers. McDonald’s is automating as well as Taco Bell. AI-Computer-aided manufacturing and designing are being amplified by expert systems that are manifesting themselves. Soon our children will be offered schooling that no longer requires the social experience of actually going to school. They will learn at virtually real workstations at home or on the fly, plus have a secondary social experience in the cyber-domain. Of course, one wonders what they will be learning to do since the jobs we once had are no longer going to be there.

New jobs are what we must be creating…now! Unless we amplify our creative minds, there will be nothing for humanity to do but war. Somewhere, someone is creating new jobs with all this new computer power. Though, at present, new vocations and careers are not being addressed by our antique, socialistic public education. One wonders if the world elite have written the average human being out of the loop. As we continue to substitute automata for “humanata” we write the need for the Human Intellectual Utility off the list. Where will we put the 7.5 billion persons living on Earth by 2025?

Demographic and psychographic data also would play a part in deciphering the directions for educational and economic planning. A quality of experience matrix (QEM) would graphically show us just what the variables would be with each suggested action discussed in holistic dialogue. This graphic matrix of human creative action would help each individual to plot his/her future based on projected information utilizing the trends and conditions input to the forum of collective humanity. The data could be distributed by New World City via all interactive media on a constant basis. Business and Educational concerns would know what the quality of our lives are at any one moment thereby allowing them to react to correct any detrimental trends.

Areas of deficiency could be identified and instantly direct systems to rectify aberrations. Gap analysis, content analysis, differential analysis and holo-gestalt analysis could be utilized in order to implement strategies for new job-oriented development. Creating jobs and ideas are what we need to keep our economies and schools current. The facts point to a process that only the Virtual New World City could distribute for living and learning on the fly. The University of Mind is indeed in need of moving to the front of our endeavors.

7.1 – Building the Ultimate Benchmark for Tomorrow’s Education.

Knowledge and wisdom are power, according to the ancients. Any social unit within a vast civilization that creates a vortex of information distribution and processing is the seat of educational and economic activity. Everything flows toward a vortex. The advantages to being where the creative ideas fly are astronomical. The great library of Alexandria was such a repository of vast learning and economic progress. A Virtual New World City has an opportunity to assume the prestige of being the site of the first proactive device for the catalization and subsequent building of Earth’s first Phase II civilization (advanced). To let any other city (than Virtual NWC) in the world accomplish this undertaking would be an act of complacency. We need to deepen our minds by becoming gestalt and wholistic in our potential.

Author: claronu/Ron O.

I am a multifaceted designer of many disciplines. Much of my expertise is derived from Engineering, Advertising, Marketing, Ancient Philosophy and the Laws of Existence or the Human Leveraging Paradigm. I was a consultant to Governors, Congressmen, CEOs and many others. I have served government and many large business concerns. (Claronu is the name used in the ENIGMNI, an e-book I wrote 20 years ago).

3 thoughts on “The Coming Revolution via Cyber Minds…”

  1. Mind Riders: Artificial Intelligence devices that allow a being to travel vicariously and sensually anywhere in the confines of the computer’s programming. The device is held in a Quantum Computer thereby allowing the user to ride within a category anywhere in the universal level of input and beyond because the program is creatively robust! The laws of the universe not withstanding would impact all mental aspects applied to potential creations. It can take a point of departure and build future domains.

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  2. Degree of magnatiude! How does it relate to human existence? Size matters in the aspect to perception and dimensional understanding! Does it affect the speed of light! Is the universe somehow dimensionally reflected in our brain’s construct on one level and the dimension of the universe on another point of reflection holographicly considered!

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