Building A Mind from their Strengths…

2.2 – New Paradigms — New Ideas At NWC

David Bohm’s research indicated that education built upon reward and punishment techniques (behavior modification and positive reinforcement) if it was used exclusively, introduced rigidity and a tendency toward false play in an individual or a society. He stated, “the continuation of this approach eventually leads the person to seek pleasing words of praise from others, even if they are not true, and to collude with others in exchanging flattering or comforting remarks that lead to mutualism (mutual admiration society). This is exactly what our world is today. This, however, is achieved at the expense of self-deception because truths are ignored for the sake of good feelings. When the self realizes this great lie, its esteem and motivation gradually, sometimes abruptly… declines.

Creativity in truth are the natural states of being, it is what brought mankind and America to its greatness. Though we cannot test it, or package it, creativity must be part of a happy balance of discipline and innovation. Lest we forget, earth and life are in a dynamic state and cannot continue in a concrete rigid structure of illusion without dying.

Cognitive creativity could be the key to the future of an educational system that is amplified by a Communication Curriculum of abject realism. Such a system would offer the networking and medium for visual stimulus and extension (right brain processing) to augment a linguistic method already in our learning systems. It would also address the other half of our students who could be taught creatively through visual/experiential expansion, to work from a point of strength and self-actualization, toward the “middle” for a balance of knowledge in truth.

In addition, I have just reviewed Assassins Creed Origins and for those who realize the power of Virtual Reality to learning, the subject matter is situated in Ancient Egypt where on can fill their minds with the texture and feel of that ancient realm. It is a good journey and by using the game to increase one’s mental ability to visualize our ancient past, that material is a boon to seeing what those ancient days might have looked like. Check it out to see the power of Virtual Reality to mental traveling. 

Author: claronu/Ron O.

I am a multifaceted designer of many disciplines. Much of my expertise is derived from Engineering, Advertising, Marketing, Ancient Philosophy and the Laws of Existence or the Human Leveraging Paradigm. I was a consultant to Governors, Congressmen, CEOs and many others. I have served government and many large business concerns. (Claronu is the name used in the ENIGMNI, an e-book I wrote 20 years ago).

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