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Vision of a New World City- University of Mind
(CyberArts Programs)

The Educational Aspect
A Guide for Conceptualization
•The Cyber Version•

Conceiving economic and educational structures for tomorrow requires a gestalt or macroscopic level of thinking that can result in monumental accomplishments. In order to take full advantage of our position at this time in history, considering the new technology and its channels of distribution, we need to consider the new paradigms that would impact intellectual, social and economic concerns. We need to “think large” in order to envision and establish a new world city where our old one now stands in the face of total creative obsolescence.

In May of 1994, Walt Disney World and Osceola County School District announced the start of a 36 million dollar project to construct a high-tech school as part of a planned community called Celebration. Innovative curriculum and courseware were planned to include using Disney’s Epcot Center as a part of its classroom offering. The plan included computer linkages between home and school and other integrated concepts. Disney wouldl build a teaching academy and establish a national institute to accommodate the training of super-teachers for tomorrow’s super students. The Disney/Osceola concept at present was not as comprehensive as the one presented herein or as large as that of the Australian plan (below) for an entire area linked to the Pacific Rim. These were all real places. Ours is a massive Virtual Place that will exist in the infinite realm of Cyber-space to become impacted by computers that will grow of their own cause. AI systems will become the new mindset of this realm.

In other parts of the world, nations are looking to the future and are pooling their collective resources to build infrastructures that will address tomorrow’s challenges. In Australia for instance the South Australian Government, the Commonwealth Government, Japan and other Asian governments, plus the international business communities were once involved in building a Multi-Functional Polis (MFP), a high-tech city for about 50,000 futurists, within the city of Adelaide. The MFP would have interconnect nations in the Asia-Pacific region
via enterprise and education. Science, technology, education, the arts, culture and leisure would create wealth and jobs while preserving, exploring, and developing new environmental concepts. Australians believed that the growth industries of tomorrow wouldl be information technology, telecommunications, environmental management, and education/ training. The folks from “down under” expected to become the “Clever Country” thereby impacting a market worth some 500 billion by the year 2000.

Back then (1999), there were approximately 40 technopolis-type developments around the world. These mega-centers were located mostly in Europe, North America, and the booming North Asian countries such as Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. Some of the better known technopoles were the French cities of Sophia Antipolis near Nice, Montpellier Technopole, and the Grenoble Technopole; Spain’s Barcelona Technopolis and the Seville Technopolis at the World Expo site; Italy’s Milano Biccoca Project in Milan; Germany’s Heidelberg Technopolis which takes in the whole city; Japan’s Kumamoto, and Kyushu Island; South Korea’s Dae-Dok, Asia’s oldest technopolis; and Taiwan’s Hsinchu Center which was Asia’s fastest growing polis. In America, the San Francisco Bay area is one of the oldest technopolis sites (1947). Adelaide’s sister city in Texas is Austin, where advanced technology industries are concentrated and poised for World City status.

Australia’s MFP was basing a very large part of its appeal on the expansion of a mega-educational program to help drive the economical purpose of its existence. Education was indeed the key selling point for the whole concept. The Aussies believed that their economy could be built, determined, created, and sustained by an education program that was anchored within the leading-edge of tomorrow’s technology. Students would be taught creative concepts that could have helped develop the products and services of the future. Pro-active learning rather than reactive learning would havel been the prime curriculum benchmark, lending impetus to a “what-if” atmosphere which could have encouraged entrepreneurship.

Today, If we could blend the benefits of a socioeconomic plan that creates and melds with the ingredients of International business and Super-technological learning, then we would be on our way to solving the problems that are currently manifesting in our schools. Our educational system is inherently welded with our economic system — each benefits if we are leading-edge in our thinking. America needs the TURBO CHARGE OF A NEW DREAM MACHINE for its students and our future.

We must think on a higher level, and build an equal-access, educational technopolis like Disney’s Celebrations and Australia’s MFP within the realm of an Internet or a World Wide Web that is interactive, integrated and capable of supporting the highest in Virtual Reality Simulation experiences for a new form of learning. This intellectual city in cyber-space would be the greatest assemblage of technology, science, ecology, anthropology / archaeology and other fields of experimental research, to ever be dedicated to human psycho-cognitive endeavor. It could be the Hollywood, Smithsonian or NASA of learning accessible by all who could pay the bare minimum. It could be mandated that every student in America have some access to attend this EDUTAINMENT SCHOOL (center for learning while entertained). At/In New World City, they would receive the courseware-surge of programmed, creative and gestalt learning experiences. The University of Mind would manifest humanity to the threshold of Space Age Beings.

Students could cyberly attend the University of Mind’s New World City, socially-interactive classrooms, have constant access to simulation programs, computer/s, and would participate in the various sections of a massive learning program that would provide simple to multilevel learning. Learners could also gain knowledge on their own and at their own pace. If a student wanted more, funding for additional programs could come from studio agreements with the states educational tax agreement (to Come). Any part of a learning experience could be repeated if certain levels or credits were needed before the next level. The student’s technopolis experience would be individually programmed to fit each participant’s abilities, inclinations, needs and personality profiles. State or national curriculum could be written to incorporate a communications curriculum that would interface with the NWC educational experience. Because our children would have to attain “street-smarts” in the New World City, they would learn to face the world on their own and comprehend the excitement of being responsible. The process would build a more mature person…one who could lead this nation into the 21st Century.

To have access to such an advanced facility dedicated to helping our nation evolve to higher ordered thinking would be a boon not only to our educational ascendancy but to our economic power. This virtual cyber-complex could house exhibits of leading-edge, up-to-date products, services, research and inventions for all disciplines. Entire replicas of archaeological sites and natural history displays would entice future scientists. Each corporate exhibitor would educationally demonstrate their wares in cyberspace. The park would be the seat of integrated information processing and distributor of the latest teaching/learning materials and resources to the schools the Americas. The developer of NWC could be the network/utility distributor for updated database products and services. A real site could house research facilities for institutions, foundations, and universities from all over the world. Government funds, corporate and institutional grants and gifts would surely play a large role in the development of its funding.

Such a New World City would have to represent the very best in creative programming, engineering, scientific development, and master direction for relevant human interface and creativity. NWC would be in a state of constant updating within the trends and conditions of the sciencesphere and socioeconomic reality pushed by AI Quantum Computers. For that reason, the learning experience would be the kick or turbo-experience of a child’s life. All students, if they participated in every gestalt learning curriculum, would be exposed to numerous areas (fields) of learning and creative endeavor, so that by multi-graduation they would be pointed to a future profession. The virtual edutainment park would also be open to all who wanted to just have fun learning leading-edge concepts and could buy learning packages to support adult programs for mind development.

With technology and computer power growing exponentially beyond human ability to comprehend, the above concept will become a reality due to market demands. With all this in mind, who in education, business and the sciences, will go for the jugular vein and be the father/mother of the new age of educational delivery systems. This union of synergistic conceptualization in cyberspace, could provide our part of the world with a beacon to follow into a phase-II advanced civilization. We need to put our money where the minds are being created as potential for a new world. The beacon for these new minds could shine cyberly from our University of Mind and the New World City Project.

Author: claronu/Ron O.

I am a multifaceted designer of many disciplines. Much of my expertise is derived from Engineering, Advertising, Marketing, Ancient Philosophy and the Laws of Existence or the Human Leveraging Paradigm. I was a consultant to Governors, Congressmen, CEOs and many others. I have served government and many large business concerns. (Claronu is the name used in the ENIGMNI, an e-book I wrote 20 years ago).

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