Building The University of Mind…

A “Rough” Executive Summary
for: New World City
A Virtual Educational Technopolis
In Cyber-space for the University of Mind


Potential Estimated worth of impact to the Educational Simulation Market will be
Market: 50 Billion or more in 10 years. New business spin-offs — 10,000. New jobs
created — 1,000,000.

Purpose: The Virtual Educational Technopolis’ purpose will be to impact alternative educational markets that will utilize massive edutainment programs for the
amplification of educational levels within the national and international realms of learning. NWC would specifically address via web networking and CD-ROMs,the children, secondly the general populous, and thirdly the corporate and educational establishments of the world. This will be accomplished by the creation of an educational vortex (virtual AI) of currently expanding knowledge and wisdom. These products and services will be conveyed via animated technology, multimedia, virtual reality, simulation technology, advanced methodology and philosophy, interactive systems, exhibited systems for distance learning and other leading-edge concepts. The entire Technopolis could be connected via computerized network to other universal networks. Title making, networking, and distribution will be the primary focuses of the project. Principles of visual edutainment will be the introductory discipline and expanding geometrically to “mirror-jective” applications of leading knowledge and breakthrough wisdom paradigms.

Location: Primary broadcast and point of virtual location will be in or near major creative production centers such as Universal City, Hollywood, or elsewhere.
These centers of creation would also need technological support close by. Austin, Texas, The Research Triangle of North Carolina, or Silicon Valley comes to mind.

Description New World City in Virtual Reality will be a master-planned facility that will include the edutainment park, offices, classrooms and training facilities, research facilities, university offices, foundation offices, corporate offices and exhibit facilities, natural history facilities, technology labs, archaeological reconstructions, bio-tech labs — all of the above will be graphically built in cyber-space. Additionally, a real planned community for teachers, administrators and other contributors to the project could be located at a school.

Site:  The Creative site will cover virtual acres within intermittent recreated greenwoods
of landscaped ecological and geological zones of the Americas. The primary focus will be the edutainment park composed of built representations of all educational disciplines. Centers of higher learning and support facilities will be underground and quads of archaeological, natural historical, and others will serve as virtual-light plazas for the underground facilities.

Community For the approximate community of 1,000 people who will live and work at the real site, a futuristic downtown will integrate and interconnect with homes, schools, offices, golf courses, recreational facilities, jogging trails and other municipal trappings. This area will be a show place of virtual creation with visitors welcomed to view the processes in the creation of visual and sound multimedia applications.

Cognitive:  All real facilities will be interlinked via virtual reality systems for security,
Master Plan: intellectual property, edutainment programming, communications, and utility systems. Cyber-smart facilities addressed are the following:
• The Edutainment Studio (1 million S.F.)
• Underground Administrative Offices and Labs.
• Corporate Offices
• University Offices
• Foundation Offices
• Government Offices
• Housing — Hotels
• Community Facilities

Administrative Governing Concerns: To be determined. All parties of vested interest will be represented as advisory board members. Interests will include: foundation interests, government, universities, Corporations, Federal governments and other nation’s interests. Banking interests will also be represented. Suggest the project be primarily private with government and corporate grants and membership considered.

Corporate Contributors: Business concerns will help finance their portions of edutainment offerings as well as maintain offices where recruiting, training, and exhibiting will be maintained. Scientific and High Tech concerns will be offered membership in the founding of New World City — primary real site locations will be offered on a first come first serve basis there after. Targeted Corporations are AT&T (Southwestern Bell), DreamWorks, Disney, IBM, Apple Computer, Microsoft, Sony, and many others. Major publishers will also be a primary source of assistance.

University Contributors: Major universities will be participants in the social, scientific, ecological, anthropological, and psycho-cognitive areas. Offices and labs will be maintained as well as productions facilities for all publishing that will arise from research. Title-making will also be tied to university production. Universities will also offer counseling for educational and placement purposes.

Foundation Contributors: Major foundations will be represented for purposes of grants and funding for programs that are deemed as beneficial to the socioeconomic and scientific sphere. Foundations and universities will manage the Human Intellectual Utility Index, an indicator of the regions intellectual assets.

Financial Contributors: The world’s financial interests will be readily accessible for grants and capital applications by appropriate breakthrough discoveries that arise from the research carried on at New World City. An office or agency that represents all
financial interests will be established on site to facilitate rapid development projects and programs.

International Contributors: International interests will also have representatives on site to assist in development of breakthrough projects, as well as assist in international interconnections that would benefit the people of the Earth.

Federal Contributors: The Federal governments of all participants will have offices to assist in legal matters that need facilitation in order that educational and socioeconomic structures may be called into production or service for the benefit of the region or the Earth. International projects will originate from these offices.

Author: claronu/Ron O.

I am a multifaceted designer of many disciplines. Much of my expertise is derived from Engineering, Advertising, Marketing, Ancient Philosophy and the Laws of Existence or the Human Leveraging Paradigm. I was a consultant to Governors, Congressmen, CEOs and many others. I have served government and many large business concerns. (Claronu is the name used in the ENIGMNI, an e-book I wrote 20 years ago).

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