In a Universe Far, Far Away…Our Historical Truths.

Indeed, when one thinks on the concept of Atlantis by itself they miss the point about the entire ancient civilization of the Earth. Evidence suggests that Atlantis was a world culture that once was not unlike our current situation, which is loosely experienced and over-seen by the United Nations. But something big happened long ago. Was it the comet or a solar storm that appeared and ran the sky for many years in various levels of orbital potential? Some think it was the Carolina Bays Event (12,900 years ago), which manifest first as a “punctuated event” with the impact of a very dense inner core object whose outer surface was covered in icy materials, which broke up and went into many varying orbits. No one knows for sure, but the Earth might have supported a very advanced civilization prior to that; which was capable of causing this comet or sun catastrophe to come about thus causing catastrophe on the Earth. With the possibility of having nuclear weapons (see Vedic Traditions) to add to the conflagration, all of this could have been planned and we may still be under the aspects of this vast repopulating of the planet. Subconsciously, we humans may suffer some deep-seated inner stress or obsession associated with this ancient event.

The dense part of something (The Comet/) put an extremely deep hole in the Atlantic Ocean and then rained down on the Earth over a period of many years, adding large amounts of Hydra to our planet. The first event caused standing waves of over one mile high to sweep the Earth of most all civilization. Only the very advanced and the lucky of earth’s population survived. Earthquakes were of such magnitude that some parts of the continental landmasses were liquefied. Only those in submarines or air-borne vehicles were safe for survival to have taken place. The existing Ice Caps melted over North America and caused vast flooding. Whole continents slid over molten magma layers below the surface. The Oceans rose some 600 to 1000 feet totally covering most of humanity. The Mediterranean was created and some think a great civilization is now under water there. Those who survived were mostly the military and educational personnel for they saw it coming. And yes, there were isolated survivals in arks on logs or some other floating devices. Some parts of the Earth just got a break where little affected areas seemed to be passed by all the chaos. Afterwards, a few wars broke out for power and then they went into a strategy of survival mode that lasted for eons. I think Giza was their last great “memorial” message to humanity, but we will never know that unless those in modern day Egypt change their attitude about their artifacts. The survivors assembled what little technology they possessed and became the religious consultants to warlords. Area 51 may be where they are today. Prior to this, they lived and worked in great facilities situated all over the Earth. Teotihuacán is one example of their former base of operations as are several other great sites.

Indeed there were things not unlike our present day advancement. Like automobiles, aircraft and many machines to create artifacts. Most of them were geneticists of sorts working to create via DNA and other things not unlike our institutes of science for Nanotechnology. Most of the population lived with and through the PRIMARY TECHNOLOGY and not the materialistic developments of our generation of things. They had flying devices and used them a lot to get from one station to the next. It almost seems apparent that they downloaded personnel on what some call pyramids (not the great pyramids, they were machines). The world was indeed not unlike now, but they sure did use animals (that they knew well) to the highest degree to help with heavy elementals and machines. Of course they genetically amplified them too. They could develop many aids to navigation here and in space. Space was indeed highly utilized in maneuvering from planet to planet. Some think their mission was vast as the universe, which they traversed at will.

We, as did they utilized their primary vehicles (Bodies) to course this universe as they aid all of us with physicality, which is not what we truly are. The human brain is used to interface with these vehicles that we created via Genetics along with just about everything you see. CAN YOU SEE WHAT I AM SHOWING YOU? This story is much bigger than that little old Atlantis thing that many of us get hung up on. Try looking at the Tree of Life if you really want to know how all this gets manifest into this experience. We use it to get here into this projected or broadcast station or realm. It is all much larger than our little minds let us think when we are in this state of being. But, I digress.

Author: claronu/Ron O.

I am a multifaceted designer of many disciplines. Much of my expertise is derived from Engineering, Advertising, Marketing, Ancient Philosophy and the Laws of Existence or the Human Leveraging Paradigm. I was a consultant to Governors, Congressmen, CEOs and many others. I have served government and many large business concerns. (Claronu is the name used in the ENIGMNI, an e-book I wrote 20 years ago).

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