University of Mind’s New World City

Phase I
(University of Mind Programs)

The Academy of CyberArts Technology

The Academy of CyberArts Technology (A.C.T.) will represent the restructuring of portions of universal learning curriculum of academic and elective offerings. This repositioning of such a school will also provide the world with a forum for cutting-edge learning applications appropriate to future times and necessary for the current human need relevant choice to human evolution. It will be designed to enhance opportunities for future students to comprehend and become expert in the history, science, and creative applications of the technological products and services inherent within the ever expanding communication / technological field(s). This new direction will juxtapose to America’s current preoccupation with the technological and creative presentation of all facets impacting the human information processing modality (example – World-Wide-Web, Internet and federal government’s technology transfer programs). These aspects are currently being addressed by various gestalt experiments.

This restructuring will emphasize thematic-explorations in computer applications, interactive multimedia, the performing arts (Drama), the visual arts (Design and Graphics), Cinema arts (Writing & Producing), video arts (Camera Craft), marketing, international business, programming, creative writing, drafting (Engineering), journalism, publishing, simulation (all fields), and virtual reality (Engineering, Science). No matter what the discipline, all fields need specific communications interfaces to tell the world about the “science” involved. Creative technology would touch virtually every known profession and be manifest driven by Artificial Intelligence.

No other area/s of concentration (creative technology-communications and artistic expression) bridge and establish dialogue better among heterogeneous populations, than the intricacies of creative presentation and performance. The individual and shared processes wrapped-up in the interconnection of multi-cultural experiences always brings people to common understandings and respect. Because the selected world demographics are heterogeneous, such a departure into this new area of creative applications of technology to learning would serve as a model to the power of dialogue. It would also complement the International challenges of a Universe-oriented future, so important to Humanities development.

Heterogeneous students could become better prepared for the reality of life via exploratory (expeditionary) learning/teaching techniques. Other learning styles would include: ACTIVE LEARNING — which is a strategy for education in which students take personal responsibility for how and what they learn. COOPERATIVE LEARNING — which is a strategy for education in which students work in groups to achieve shared goals. INTERDISCIPLINARY LEARNING — which is a strategy for teaming and blocking together traditionally separated, but related learning subjects. INDIVIDUALIZED LEARNING — which is a dialogic strategy for meeting the multiplicity of personalities and learning styles of heterogeneous students. Dialogic learning is the key to tomorrow.

STUDENTS WOULD –become active learners, rather than audiences for instruction. Cooperative efforts among students and classes would let students teach and learn form one another no matter the dissimilarities. They would learn of the interconnections of disciplines via projects and assemblage of portfolios and presentations. Some students would learn via individualized projects matched to their skills and pointed at their strengths as a point of departure into new learning activities that would build upon new strengths.

FUTURE TEACHERS WOULD — interactively manage virtually and cooperatively the above learning styles seeking a synergistic approach to interfacing with the diverse needs of all students and other teachers. Facilitation and dialogue would become the double prongs that would identify the interlink of teachers impacting the collective classroom processes through the latest in technological progress. Planning is the key to success.

Phase II

Develop the University of Mind
Virtual Cyber-Educational Curriculum
At the ACT School

After the establishment of a linkage among businesses such as Microsoft, Disney or Spielberg’s DreamWorks with the Academy of CyberArts Technology High School, the larger project could begin to be addressed utilizing the school and its staff plus the software and title-making personnel from above. This would establish the test site and allow the growth of the future interactive programming. This marriage would take on the organization of the newly established Charter School Paradigm or the privatization scope of choice. Because of the magnitude of the Federal Government’s Technology Transfer it is also possible that part of NASA FACILITIES would be deeply involved in the development of this great project for education in this part of the world. Studios and related technological organizations would need the space that NASA could provide.

Author: claronu/Ron O.

I am a multifaceted designer of many disciplines. Much of my expertise is derived from Engineering, Advertising, Marketing, Ancient Philosophy and the Laws of Existence or the Human Leveraging Paradigm. I was a consultant to Governors, Congressmen, CEOs and many others. I have served government and many large business concerns. (Claronu is the name used in the ENIGMNI, an e-book I wrote 20 years ago).

3 thoughts on “University of Mind’s New World City”

  1. Hearing you talk of this from my early years I never could imagine this concept.
    Now I can see the possibilities. Especially as college campuses around the world become places of propaganda, liberal thinking machines that intend with great precision and purpose to spew out like minded graduates to slowly change the moral compass of what we use to know as America. I would pray that a virtual classroom would teach truth and true history in all aspects of our great beginnings and of the future that truly awaits all mankind.
    Love you Dad! You are a great mind with a wealth of knowledge

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